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Roaming the wild with stealthy tread, rangers are formidable warriors, fighting to protect the wild places of the World from evil and destruction. Longtime friends and allies of the ancient Druids, the Rangers share their quest to restore the great Balance of Nature. The Rangers fight a tireless battle against all creatures that exist outside the natural order, from the Twisted Breeds of Chaos to the undead of the Unholy Legion. Any who despoil the bounty of nature are also marked as their enemies, and many poachers and woodcutters have found themselves on the receiving end of a ranger's justice. The beasts of the wild see rangers as their kin, and these wardens of the wilderness walk among them without fear. Rangers are masters of the bow, and also favor wooden staves and swords in battle.



 Walker in the Wilderness

The Ranger is a solitary wanderer who lives in harmony with and protects nature at all costs. This kinship gives them the strength of the bear, the speed of the viper, and skin like bark. If backed into a corner, a Ranger can even change into a dire wolf. Those who would do harm to the wild places of Aerynth may learn the hard way that nature bites back.
Powers and Skills
Level Icon Ability Description
10 Hunt Foe Hunt Foe Personal Tracking (up to 40 players within 1280 unit radius)
Charm Beast Charm Beast Single-target non-player Charm
13 Turn Steel Turn Steel Personal Defense and melee damage resistance buff
15 Offensive cam.png Offensive Stance Personal combat stance
Defensive cam.png Defensive Stance Personal combat stance
Precise cam.png Precise Stance Personal combat stance
16 Wolf's Vigor Wolf's Vigor Personal stamina recovery buff chant
20 Hunt Prey Hunt Prey Personal Tracking (NPC-only)
21 Braialla's Power Braialla's Power Personal Strength and Dexterity buff
27 Braialla's Zeal Braialla's Zeal Personal melee damage and attack speed buff
30 Braialla's Balance Braialla's Balance Single-target Pet-only dispel all buffs
33 Mend Wounds Mend Wounds Single-target heal
36 Herb Lore Herb Lore Personal health recovery buff
38 Race the Hare Race the Hare Personal movement speed buff
40 Grasp of Thorns Grasp of Thorns Single-target Snare and piercing/bleeding damage over time
44 Beast Lord's Boon Beast Lord's Boon Single-target Pet-only Attack Rating and maximum health buff
47 Bite of the Pack Bite of the Pack Group melee damage buff Chant
50 Wolfskin Wolfskin Personal wolf transformation (move speed, Constitution, Strength, and Dexterity buff) heal, and stamina heal
Claw Claw Single-target attack and piercing damage resistance debuff (requires Wolfskin)
Growl Growl Single-target attack and Attack Rating debuff (requires Wolfskin)
Rend Rend Single-target attack and Snare (requires Wolfskin)
Rip Rip Single-target attack and bleeding damage over time (requires Wolfskin)
Shred Shred Single-target attack and Defense debuff (requires Wolfskin)
Howl Howl Personal Attack Rating buff (requires Wolfskin)

Playstyle Tips






Ranger Information

Base Classes

Fighter, Rogue


Aelfborn, Aracoix, Centaur, Elf, Half Giant, Human, Irekei, Shade


Archer, Artillerist, Berserker, Black Mask, Blade Master, Blade Weaver, Bounty Hunter, Commander, Gladiator, Huntsman, Knight, Prospector, Rat Catcher, Rune Caster, Saboteur, Sapper, Savant, Sun Dancer, Traveler, Undead Hunter, Valkyr, Werebear, Wererat, Werewolf, Wyrmslayer

Mastery Runes

Master of Daggers, Master of Great Axes, Master of Great Swords, Master of Throwing

Skills Granted

Bow, Staff, Axe, Beastcraft (level 10)
Wear Armor, Medium (level 15)
Axe Mastery, Staff Mastery, Sword Mastery Unarmed Combat Mastery (level 20)

Ranger Static Powers
These powers cannot be trained higher.
Use these ranks to plan accordingly.


Defensive Stance
Offensive Stance
Precise Stance
stance details
Defensive Stance
Offensive Stance
Precise Stance
stance details

Weapon Powers

Axe Powers 30
Great Axe Powers 30
Bow Powers 35
Crossbow Powers 20
Dagger Powers 15
Unarmed Powers 10
Hammer Powers 10
Great Hammer Powers 10
Pole Arm Powers 15
Spear Powers 15
Staff Powers 30
Sword Powers 35
Great Sword Powers 20
Blade Master Powers 30
Blade Weaving Powers 30
Sun Dancing Powers 20
Axe Powers 25
Great Axe Powers 10
Bow Powers 30
Crossbow Powers 15
Dagger Powers 15
Unarmed Powers 20
Spear Powers 10
Staff Powers 25
Sword Powers 30
Great Sword Powers 10
Blade Master Powers 25
Blade Weaving Powers 25
Sun Dancing Powers 30

Contributions by: Colest and Rewen in 2018


Prestige Classes

Assassin (PQ)    Barbarian (PQ)    Bard (PQ)    Channeler (PQ)    Confessor (PQ)    Crusader (PQ)    Doomsayer (PQ)
Druid (PQ)    Fury (PQ)    Huntress (PQ)    Necromancer (PQ)    Nightstalker (PQ)    Prelate (PQ)    Priest (PQ)
Ranger (PQ)    Scout (PQ)    Sentinel (PQ)    Templar (PQ)    Thief (PQ)    Warlock (PQ)    Warrior (PQ)    Wizard (PQ)

Base Classes Fighter    Healer    Mage    Rogue

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