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Dexterity or Dex is defined as "skill or adroitness in using the hands or body". This trait has been adapted as a Shadowbane stat responsible for many traits dealing with finesse, cunning, or nimbleness.

Role in Defense

Dexterity plays the biggest part amongst all stats for defense.


Defense can be calculated using the following formula <ref>Confirmed Game Formulas</ref>:

  • Defense = ((Dexterity*2) + (Total Armor Defense*(Armor Skill * .03)) + (Shield Armor * ( * .03)) + ((Primary Weapon Skill + Secondary Weapon Skill)/2)) * (1. Stance Modification)

Armor Penalty

The weight of one's armor can hinder dexterity. For this reason, it is common to see dexterity-based characters using Light Armor, due to its low weight. However, Elven heavy and medium armor offers reduced weight and thus reduced penalty, though still not as little as light armor.

Role in Offense

Dexterity-Based Weapons

The following weapons use the dexterity value to determine their maximum damage: