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Chronicle Wyrmslayer
The Dragon Hunter

Wyrmslayers have, through painful trial and error, amassed an arsenal of tricks and techniques to give them an edge against the mightiest of monsters. Wyrmslayers have learned to brew ointments that protect them from a drake's flame, and know how to strike a drake where its scales are thinnest, wounding the beasts as much as possible. Stop calling it a Dragon, you fool boy. What lies in the cave is naught but a Drake, two, three thousand years on him. Ol' Scaly here is just a stripling, boy, a hatchling of his kind. There all I've ever heard tell of, and all I've ever seen. Real Dragons, the Terrors you hear of in legend, they're all dead, or all sleeping in the heart of the World. I hope to never meet one. The Elves sing of The Dragon, Terror of Terrors, who nearly wrecked the World and was so fierce even the All-Father couldn't kill it. This is no Dragon, boy, though he be a hundred feet long, he's nothing but a babe. Even so, he's still death itself.

Discipline Information

Wyrmslayer Rune

Available Races and Classes

Discipline Effects
Discipline Dropper
Trainer Locations
Discipline Powers

Naagral's Bite's Power Cameo "Weapon Power and Cold Damage, Snare & Ground"
Requires Spear Skill ( 90 )

Power Rank: 40 (Grand Master)
Power Type: Skill
Stamina Cost: 22
Casting Time: 0.2 seconds
Recycle Time: 20.0 seconds
Power User Requirements: Spear
Mode Required: Combat Mode Only
Requires Hit Roll: No
Target and Range: Self/No target

  • Next Attack Bonus
    • Damage: +50%
  • Next Attack Applies
    • Cold Damage over Time (Interval: 5 seconds)
      • Health Damage: 10 — 28 points
      • Duration: 45 seconds
      • Dispel Tags: Cold
    • Snare
      • Movement Rate: -50%
      • Duration: 15 seconds
      • Removes effect with "Flight" dispel tag
      • Stack Category: Snare
      • Dispel Tags: DeBuff, Effect, Snare, Cold
    • Ground
      • Affected target can no longer fly
      • Duration: 30 seconds
      • Dispel Tags: Debuff, Effect

Strike of the Manticore DNT
Strike of the Manticore's Power Cameo "Personal Attack Speed Buff"

Granted: Level 20
Power Type: Spell
Stamina Cost: 17
Casting Time: 0.2 seconds
Recycle Time: 600.0 seconds
Target and Range: Self/No target

  • Attack Speed Buff
    • Delay Between Attacks: -10% to -30% (from power rank 0 to 20)
    • Duration: 300 seconds
    • Stack Category: AttackSpeedBuff
    • Dispel Tags: Buff, Effect

Flame Ward
Flame Ward's Power Cameo "Single Target Fire Resistance Buff"

Granted: Level 20
Power Type: Spell
Mana Cost: 36 to 56 (from power rank 0 to 20)
Casting Time: 4 seconds
Recycle Time: 0 seconds
Target and Range: Players (50 Units)

  • Fire Resistance Buff
    • Fire Resistance: + 10 to 30 (from power rank 0 to 20)
    • Duration: 60 seconds
    • Stack Category: ResistanceBuff
    • Dispel Tags: Buff, Effect, Fire