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For the first time in thousands of years new Necromancers are learning the secrets of death magic. In addition to raising small hordes of mindless undead minions, Necromancers can lash their enemies with the unholy power of Oblivion, wreak dreadful curses, and cast spells of fear and shadow. Some are wide-eyed zealots who seek to join Ithriana's legions and bring about the final doom of Aerynth, while others are sheer pragmatists who seek to preserve themselves by making pacts with the new shadow, or simply embrace a new path to power. Sages and loremasters of every race look upon the rebirth of Necromancy with horror, fearing that the mere use of necromantic power will strengthen Oblivion's foothold in Aerynth, bringing the world ever closer to total destruction.



 Master of the Dead

Necromancers channel the dark power of the void beyond this world to unhallow and undermine the Gods' creation on Aerynth. Their incantations corrupt the purity of life by limiting healing, disjoining holy blessings, and gnawing at their targets' very souls with volleys of negative energy. The ability to bind corpses into servitude makes even death no escape from their machinations.
Powers and Skills
Level Icon Ability Description
10 Unholy Blast Unholy Blast Single-target unholy damage
Shadowcloak Shadowcloak Personal Defense buff
Unholy Fright Unholy Fright Single-target Snare and heal receptivity debuff
12 Lurking Fear Lurking Fear Single-target non-player Fear
13 Draw Back the Shadows Draw Back the Shadows Single-target dispel unholy effect
14 Dread Whispers Dread Whispers Single-target non-player Mesmerize
15 Offensive cam.png Offensive Stance Personal combat stance
Defensive cam.png Defensive Stance Personal combat stance
Precise cam.png Precise Stance Personal combat stance
16 Shadow of Death Shadow of Death Single-target unholy damage resistance debuff
18 Unholy Storm Unholy Storm Area unholy damage (affects group members!)
Mantle of Corpseflesh Mantle of Corpseflesh Personal melee Damage Absorber
20 Embrace the Void Embrace the Void Single-target power cost reduction
Harvest of Dust Harvest of Dust Summon Pet (Grobones)
Spirit Chains Spirit Chains Single-target non-player Charm
24 Dim the Light Dim the Light Single-target holy damage resistance buff
25 Dread Howl Dread Howl Area non-player Mesmerize
32 Oblivion's Touch Oblivion's Touch Single-target non-player Amnesia
34 Phantasmagoria Phantasmagoria Area non-player Fear
36 Unholy Terror Unholy Terror Area Snare and healing receptivity debuff (excludes group)
38 Gravechill Gravechill Single-target dispel all buffs
40 Sepulchre's Bounty Sepulchre's Bounty Area melee damage and attack speed buff (Pet-only)
Harvest of Bones Harvest of Bones Summon Pet (Wight)
42 Gnawing Fear Gnawing Fear Area non-player Lull (reduces monster awareness radius)
46 Shadow of Doom Shadow of Doom Area unholy damage resistance debuff (affects group members!)
47 Oblivion's Tide Oblivion's Tide Area non-player Amnesia
50 Channel the Void Channel the Void Group power cost reduction
Spectre Form Spectre Form Personal Invisibility
Douse the Light Douse the Light Group holy damage resistance buff

Playstyle Tips

The Necromancer has a lot of ways to interact with the effects bar in a way that few classes can. He has many different playstyles afforded to him but the class is best played when it's honed to one specific role rather than trying to dabble in anything. Many of the roles do not mesh well with each other either so it is advised not to try to combine them into on hodge-podge character build.

  • Harvest of Dust is very weak compared to other pet summons; however, it has a unique swarm functionality in that the Grobones will not disappear if you summon another. You will lose control of your previously summoned Grobone; however, it will retain it's current target, unless its hate is altered. A very potent tactic with this traditional Necromancer playstyle is to summon a Grobones, send it to attack a vulnerable building, and summon another to repeat. Waves of Grobones can take down a key objective during a fight very quickly but because they are so weak one AOE is enough to wipe most of them out.
  • Unholy Terror is extraordinarily potent for kiting and keeping pressure on healers. Shadow of Doom is the only ranged AOE power that exposes to the damage type used by that class. The combination of the aforementioned powers in conjunction with Unholy Storm are the backbone of a tried and true Necromancer group composition; however, this group composition is best used sparingly so that enemy guilds don't anticipate it and bring gear with unholy resistance enchantments.
  • Aelfborn are a very popular race for Necromancers because of Wildkin's Chase; however, Embrace the Void and Dim the Light do a very good job plugging up the weakness with Vampire builds and the drains and fortitudes associated with the race make it a very resilient character. Elves are the hardest hitting race for Necromancer with their naturally high intelligence and access to Archmage. The extra trains from Humans seems like it would be good for trying to dabble in a wider variety of Necromancer's niches but in execution it usually is not very potent.
Necromancer Information

Base Classes



Aelfborn, Elf, Human, Shade, Vampire


Archmage, Battle Magus, Belgosch, Blade Weaver, Conjurer, Enchanter, Gorgoi, Shroudborne, Traveler, Wyrmslayer

Mastery Runes


Skills Granted

Necromancy (level 10)

Necromancer Static Powers
These powers cannot be trained higher.
Use these ranks to plan accordingly.


Defensive Stance
Offensive Stance
Precise Stance
stance details

Weapon Powers

Dagger Powers 10
Staff Powers 10
Blade Weaving Powers 5

Contributions by: Colest and Rewen in 2018


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