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Most consider Rogues creatures of civilization, but there are some among their ranks who almost never venture into a city or town, specializing in reconnaissance instead of burglary or murder. Anyone looking to find an ancient ruin or wage war in rough country will need a guide through the wilderness, someone who can find their way through forest or fog and spy out the movements of enemies. The are some among the Rogues who will eagerly provide all of these services... for a price. A keen eye, nimble foot, and silent tread: the traditional talents of the Rogue can prove quite valuable in the wild, and Scouts have them in abundance.



 The Master Pathfinder

Scouts are agents in the unseen war of information playing out behind the brawn and prattling of every battle. Their job is to be detached from their regiment, too cunning for their enemy focus any real effort upon. While stealth affords rogues the ability to choose their battles, Scouts are in a league of their own, often ruining the ambushes of their sly peers.
Powers and Skills
Level Icon Ability Description
10 Detect Hidden Detect Hidden Personal Invisibility detection (can see invisible creatures)
15 Track Track Personal Tracking (up to 40 players within 1408 unit radius)
Pathfinding Pathfinding Personal movement speed buff
Offensive cam.png Offensive Stance Personal combat stance
Defensive cam.png Defensive Stance Personal combat stance
Precise cam.png Precise Stance Personal combat stance
20 Rapid Shot Rapid Shot Personal attack speed buff (requires bow to be equipped)
Precision Precision Personal melee Attack Rating buff (requires bow to be equipped)
Pin Down Pin Down Single-target root (not broken on damage)
Pinpoint Pinpoint Single-target dispel Invisibility and highlight
25 Camouflage Camouflage Group Invisibility (self and up to two other targets, trainable to 40)

Playstyle Tips
  • As the best stealth detector in the game, the Scout's most common enemy is other Scouts.
  • Scouts are valued in large-scale battles for their grandmaster-rank bow powers, enabling them to cut defense and ground flyers with ease.
  • Camouflage can cloak the caster and two allies with max-rank invisibility, preventing all but other Scouts to see them.
  • The Scout's own Horwathi Long Bow has the longest range of any bow.
  • Aracoix and Nephilim make particularly slippery Scouts due to the 30% speed bonus from flying.
  • A Belgosch Scout makes an excellent envoy. When an area is deemed safe, he can summon his master.
Scout Information

Base Classes



Aelfborn, Aracoix, Elf, Human, Irekei, Nephilim, Shade, Vampire


Artillerist, Belgosch, Black Mask, Blade Master, Blade Weaver, Bounty Hunter, Gladiator, Huntsman, Prospector, Rat Catcher, Rune Caster, Saboteur, Sky Dancer, Sun Dancer, Strigoi, Traveler, Undead Hunter, Wererat

Mastery Runes

Master of Great Swords, Master of Staves, Master of Swords,

Skills Granted

Bow, Athletics, Running (level 10)
Archery, Dagger Mastery, Throwing, Unarmed Combat Mastery (level 20)

Scout Static Powers
These powers cannot be trained higher.
Use these ranks to plan accordingly.


Defensive Stance
Offensive Stance
Precise Stance
stance details

Weapon Powers

Bow Powers 40
Crossbow Powers 5
Dagger Powers 20
Unarmed Powers 20
Staff Powers 5
Sword Powers 5
Throwing Powers 25
Blade Master Powers 10
Blade Weaving Powers 10
Sun Dancing Powers 20

Contributions by: Colest and Rewen in 2018


Prestige Classes

Assassin (PQ)    Barbarian (PQ)    Bard (PQ)    Channeler (PQ)    Confessor (PQ)    Crusader (PQ)    Doomsayer (PQ)
Druid (PQ)    Fury (PQ)    Huntress (PQ)    Necromancer (PQ)    Nightstalker (PQ)    Prelate (PQ)    Priest (PQ)
Ranger (PQ)    Scout (PQ)    Sentinel (PQ)    Templar (PQ)    Thief (PQ)    Warlock (PQ)    Warrior (PQ)    Wizard (PQ)

Base Classes Fighter    Healer    Mage    Rogue

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