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Born in the tumult that followed the Turning, the Church of the Cleansing Flame has grown throughout the Age of Strife, and few are left untouched by its endless crusade for Justice and Righteousness. Fire creates light and warmth, and thus the Confessors of the Flame seek to illuminate the innocent, drive away all shadow, and expose the taint of evil. But to effect real change in the World, the Fire must burn all that is impure. The Templars, fanatical soldier-priests of the Cleansing Flame, have pledged themselves to this end. Templars are the strength of the Temple, enforcing its will in the World and smiting any who oppose the cause of Righteousness.



 Sword of the Cleansing Flame

Templars are Saint Malorn's elite regiment of knights that combine the skills of a soldier with the conviction and faith of their brother Confessors. Templars bring the wrath of Malorn to the center of the battle, sanitizing heretics by fire and exposing the full weight of their sins with holy reproach with the hope that the Cleansing Flame will show them the righteous path in their next life.
Powers and Skills
Level Icon Ability Description
10 Challenge Challenge Single-target non-player Taunt
Cleansing Flame Cleansing Flame Single-target fire damage and stamina Drain over time
Purge Sin Purge Sin Single-target health Drain
Sword of Saint Malorn Sword of Saint Malorn weapon power and fire damage over time (requires sword to be equipped)
12 Blessed Zeal Blessed Zeal Personal melee and power damage buff
14 Burden of Sin Burden of Sin Single-target Strength debuff
15 Offensive cam.png Offensive Stance Personal combat stance
Defensive cam.png Defensive Stance Personal combat stance
Precise cam.png Precise Stance Personal combat stance
16 Smite the Dead Smite the Dead Single-target non-player (undead) magic damage
Shackles of Sin Shackles of Sin Single-target Dexterity debuff
20 Touch of the Martyr Touch of the Martyr Single-target health transfer
27 Sway the Balance Sway the Balance Single Dispel Effect
30 Flames of Retribution Flames of Retribution Personal fire-based Damage Shield
32 Redeem the Shadow Redeem the Shadow Single-target non-player (undead) Charm
36 Curse of Sloth Curse of Sloth Single-target stamina Drain
40 Saint Malorn's Condemnation Saint Malorn's Condemnation Area Strength debuff (excludes group members)
44 Saint Malorn's Wrath Saint Malorn's Wrath Area fire damage
45 Blessing of the Sacred Flame Blessing of the Sacred Flame Group fire damage resistance buff
45 Consume Wickedness Consume Wickedness Single-target health Drain over time
49 Wages of Sin Wages of Sin Single-target Strength and Dexterity debuff
50 Wings of the Seraphim Wings of the Seraphim Personal seraphim transformation: grants ability to fly; Constitution, Spirit, and Strength buffs; plus health and stamina replenishment

Playstyle Tips
  • The one-handed Burning Blade and shield can be combined for a defense-based Templar, affectionately dubbed a "Deflar".
  • Enemies are often more concerned about health damage than stamina damage. Use a combination of Cleansing Flame and Curse of Sloth to subtley tire them.
  • While the sword is a favorite of Templars, they are also experts with the Pole Arm.
  • The combined physical damages bonuses from Templar's grand master-rank Offensive Stance and Blessed Zeal increase weapon damage by 90%. Ouch!
  • Wings of the Seraphim heals up to 40% of your health bar and 20% of your stamina bar. Use it to give yourself a second wind if the length of the battle is wearing on you.
  • Templars can be tight on training points and low on mana. It is best to leave the damage resistance buffs to your support players, if you have them.
Templar Information

Base Classes



Human, Half Giant


Artillerist, Blade Master, Bounty Hunter, Commander, Dark Knight, Huntsman, Prospector, Sapper, Traveler, Undead Hunter, Wyrmslayer

Mastery Runes

Master of Daggers, Master of Great Hammers, Master of Hammers, Master of Throwing

Skills Granted

Pole Arm, Thaumaturgy (level 10)
Wear Armor, Heavy (level 15)
Axe Mastery, Great Axe Mastery, Great Sword Mastery, Sword Mastery, Pole Arm Mastery (level 20)

Templar Static Powers
These powers cannot be trained higher.
Use these ranks to plan accordingly.


Defensive Stance
Offensive Stance
Precise Stance
stance details

Weapon Powers

Axe Powers 20
Great Axe Powers 20
Bow Powers 10
Crossbow Powers 10
Dagger Powers 10
Unarmed Powers 10
Hammer Powers 15
Great Hammer Powers 15
Pole Arm Powers 30
Spear Powers 10
Sword Powers 30
Great Sword Powers 30
Blade Master Powers 15

Contributions by: Colest and Rewen in 2018


Prestige Classes

Assassin (PQ)    Barbarian (PQ)    Bard (PQ)    Channeler (PQ)    Confessor (PQ)    Crusader (PQ)    Doomsayer (PQ)
Druid (PQ)    Fury (PQ)    Huntress (PQ)    Necromancer (PQ)    Nightstalker (PQ)    Prelate (PQ)    Priest (PQ)
Ranger (PQ)    Scout (PQ)    Sentinel (PQ)    Templar (PQ)    Thief (PQ)    Warlock (PQ)    Warrior (PQ)    Wizard (PQ)

Base Classes Fighter    Healer    Mage    Rogue

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