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Children of Rage

The dreaded killing machines of the Invorri, the Berserkers have long been thought extinct. Until now... So, you have heard the Calling, eh? If you would endure it, you must be prepared to walk a lonely path, and forsake some of what makes you human. Men will fear you, but you will be capable of feats that astonish even the greatest knights. Beware, however: for all our talk of frenzy, control and will are the keys to the Path of Rage. Submit to the Rage too quickly and it will consume you like fire. Resist it too long and the Calling will drive you mad. You will never tame the Rage or chain it. You must learn to ride it instead. Once you chose the Berserker's path, there is no going back for even death will not release you. Choose wisely.

Discipline Information

Berserker Rune

Available Races and Classes

Discipline Effects
  • Grants Powers
Discipline Dropper
Trainer Locations
Discipline Powers

Unleash the Rage
Unleash the Rage's Power Cameo "Personal Rage"

Granted: Level 20
Power Type: Skill
Stamina Cost: 30
Casting Time: 2 seconds
Recycle Time: 600 seconds
Target and Range: Self/No target

  • Frenzy
    • Constitution Adjustment: +15 to +35 (from power rank 0 to 20)
    • Dexterity Adjustment: +20 to +45 (from power rank 0 to 20)
    • Strength Adjustment: +20 to +45 (from power rank 0 to 20)
    • Defense Penalty: -50%
    • Duration: 90 seconds

Fury of the Northmen
Fury of the Northmen's Power Cameo "Area of Effect Slashing Damage"

Granted: Level 20
Power Type: Skill
Health Cost: 30
Casting Time: 3 seconds
Recycle Time: 30 seconds
Requires Hit Roll: Yes
Target and Range: Monsters or Players - Point Blank
Area of Effect: 6 Units
Max mob targets: 7
Max player targets: 7

  • Slashing Damage
    • Health Damage: 34 — 42 to 44 — 54 points (from power rank 0 to 20)

Strength of the Stag
Strength of the Stag Power Cameo "Personal Stamina Recovery Buff"

Granted: Level 20
Power Rank: 20 (Journeyman)
Power Type: Skill
Mana Cost: 40
Casting Time: 2 seconds
Recycle Time: 60 seconds
Target and Range: Self Only

  • Stamina Recovery Buff
    • Stamina Recovery Rate: + 15% to 50% (from power rank 0 to 20)
    • Duration: 30 seconds
    • Stack Category: RecoveryStaminaBuff
    • Dispel Tags: Buff, Chant, Effect