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Tracking is a type of skill that allows a player to view a list of other players (or sometimes NPCs) within a wide radius around the user's position. The tracking window provides character names and their guild crest. Players who are in your group will appear blue in the tracking window.


There are two tiers of tracking: Grand Master (GM) and Journeyman (JM).

  • Grand Master tracking, found on scouts, rangers, and huntresses, is the strongest type, detecting up to 40 players in 1400-unit radius (1400 units is approximately half the width of a macrozone).
  • Journeyman tracking, which is granted by the Huntsman and Bounty Hunter discipline runes, tracks up to 20 players in a 1200-unit radius.

Due to the advantages of surprise attacks, it is very important to know whether or not your enemy can track you. All fighters, rogues, druids, and mage bards can learn tracking in one form or another.

How to Track

The tracking ability also allows you to find these players by rendering a small yellow arrow around your character which points to your target. This arrow has an intentional jitter for journeyman trackers, making it more difficult for them to pinpoint their target's exact location.

  1. To track a specific target, cast the tracking power.
  2. Select your target's name from the list, then click the checkmark.
  3. Wait for the animation to finish.

The tracking arrow persists even if your target moves outside your tracking radius. Using most powers and skills, including tracking other targets, will cause the arrow to vanish.

Tracking Immunity

Avoiding enemy tracking is no easy task. Skilled players usually learn to use their own tracking to determine and hide just off the edge of their enemies' track radius. However, certain players can avoid tracking in other ways:

  • The Saboteur power With Catlike Tread will hide the caster from all tracking for up to two minutes.
  • A Nephilim using their human disguise Mundane Eidolon is invisible to all forms of tracking.

Non-Standard Tracking

Certain abilities allow a player to track things other than players.

  • Hunt Prey is a ranger and huntress ability that allows the tracking of NPCs.
  • Hunt the Dead is an Undead Hunter ability that allows tracking of mobs flagged as "undead."
  • Stalk the Night is a nightstalker ability that allows tracking of player Vampires.
  • A Taste for Dead Flesh is a Strigoi ability that allows tracking of player graves.


Scry is a unique Battle Magus ability that works similar to traditional tracking. Rather than receiving a list, scrying allows the caster to simply know the presence (or lack thereof) of enemy players in a small radius.