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The Pale Ones, Born of Shadow

Debate still rages over the true nature of these beings, who seem Human, yet are afflicted with a sinister taint that warps their bodies and poisons their souls. Often called the "Children of the Damned," Shades are born to Human parents, normal but for their bizarre appearance. A Shade's skin is ashen grey and cold to the touch, and their pupil-less eyes are as black as coals. No one knows why Shades walk among us, but the cause is finally becoming clear - when a Human father dies while his child is yet unborn, there is a chance - but not a certain one - that the child will be born a Shade.

Race Information
Shade Runestone
Available Classes

Starting Attributes

Creation Cost: 10

Granted: 40 Base Strength / 90 Max Strength
Granted: 50 Base Dexterity / 115 Max Dexterity
Granted: 40 Base Constitution / 95 Max Constitution
Granted: 45 Base Intelligence / 110 Max Intelligence
Granted: 30 Base Spirit / 90 Max Spirit

  • Granted: Hide
  • Immune to Blind
  • Immune to Deathshroud
  • Afflicts slain players with enhanced Deathshroud
  • Can See Invisible (power rank 15 and below)
  • Poison Resistance: +15%
  • Unholy Resistance: +15%
  • Holy Resistance: -15%
Abilities and Traits
Hide's Power Cameo"Personal Invisibility"
(Clears Mobile Aggro)
Granted: Level 2
Power Rank: 1 (Untrained)
'Power Type: Skill
Stamina Cost: 0
Casting Time: 16 to 3 seconds (at power ranks 1 to 20).
Recycle Time: 60.0 seconds
Mode Required: Non-Combat
Target and Range: Self/No target
  • Invisibility
    • Hidden from view
    • Movement Rate: -40% to -20% (from power rank 0 to 20)
    • Duration: 300 seconds
    • Stack Category: Invisible
Image Gallery
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