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The War of Shadows raged across the Realm of Ardan more than 5,000 years ago. The fall of that blessed realm - and all the cataclysms that have wracked the face of Aerynth since - have destroyed nearly all traces of that conflict. Only a few fragmentary, moldering records, carefully preserved by the Holy Church, have offered any hint of that dark time, and the desperate battle the Ardani fought against the Unholy Legions... until now. Even as the Isle of Oblivion broods in the seas of every fragment and the agents of the Lich-Queen strike terror throughout all lands, a new hope has arisen, a firebrand raised to defy the Dark. The Nightstalkers have returned.



 Enemy of Darkness

Rogues that have seen the light of the All-Father often become Nightstalkers, using their skills of subtlety to deliver attacks blessed with holy water on the aberrations that trickle from Oblivion and the Maelstrom. Vampires, especially, fear the blades of the Nightstalker, whom can nullify their unholy fortitudes and cannot be drained of blood.
Powers and Skills
Level Icon Ability Description
10 Fling Holy Water Fling Holy Water Single-target holy damage
Stalker's Fury Stalker's Fury Personal attack speed buff
12 Blessing of Daylight Blessing of Daylight Personal Defense and unholy damage resistance buff
15 Anoint Blade Anoint Blade Single-target inventory weapon enchantment: holy damage PROC
Offensive cam.png Offensive Stance Personal combat stance
Defensive cam.png Defensive Stance Personal combat stance
Precise cam.png Precise Stance Personal combat stance
16 Litany of Discretion Litany of Discretion Single-target melee and power damage debuff
18 Banish Death's Shadow Banish Death's Shadow Single-target dispel unholy effect
20 Put to the Torch Put to the Torch Single-target holy damage and delayed fire damage
22 Stalker's Resilience Stalker's Resilience Personal heal over time
26 Stalk the Night Stalk the Night Personal Tracking (player Vampire only)
28 Litany of Caution Litany of Caution Area melee and power damage debuff (excludes group members)
32 Stake to the Heart Stake to the Heart Single-target dispel Fortitude and Damage Shield
36 Blessing of Dawn Blessing of Dawn Personal dispel debuff
44 Exorcise Exorcise Area non-player Fear
50 Fortified Soul Fortified Soul Personal immunity to Drain

Playstyle Tips

The Nightstalker is the most robust of the Rogue prestige classes. He has very potent utility powers which, coupled with Stalker's Resilience, make him an extremely hardy character. In small-scale, he is capable of challenging most any of the commonly seen character types. There is a tool in his kit especially created to cripple many niche or hyper-focused builds which allows him to cripple the offensive or defensive capabilities of his enemies. His contributions to large-scale fights, however, are a bit limited and it is recommended to season a group composition lightly with Nightstalkers.

  • It is really recommended to go higher in Intelligence than you normally would for a Rogue class because of the added benefit of your powers scaling from it. Fling Holy Water, Put to Torch, Anoint Blade, and Stalker's Resilience all scale with your Intelligence. Because of the naturally higher Intelligence on the class as well as their access to Anoint Blade and high ranking Unarmed powers, many players have found the class very potent when leaning on procs. The builds with the highest reliance on them, often Unarmed builds with cloth equipment, are colloquially referred to as "Procstalkers."
  • Although their list of powers is not as extensive as many other classes, every one of Nightstalker's powers is useful and because of that the class is often tight on trains. Because it is tight on trains, it is topic of debate whether it's better to invest heavily in dodge and get resistance enchantments on your armor, invest heavily in armor for higher defense, or ignore armor altogether and just get resistance enchantments on cloth. Experiment to find what works best with you and remember that Humans get extra trains if your build needs them.
  • Crossbow and Unarmed are generally the two main ways to build Nightstalker, though they do get a class-specific sword and dagger. The utility from Crossbow and Unarmed coupled with their grandmaster powers has a powerful allure when building them although Dagger shouldn't be ignored. The lower rank for Sword powers and the general lack of utility in smallscale they grant has lead to them being a rather unpopular choice.
Nightstalker Information

Base Classes



Aelfborn, Human, Irekei


Archer, Artillerist, Black Mask, Blade Master, Bounty Hunter, Huntsman, Prospector, Rat Catcher, Saboteur, Sun Dancer, Traveler

Mastery Runes


Skills Granted

Crossbow, Exorcism (level 10)
Sword Mastery, Unarmed Combat Mastery, Dagger Mastery (level 20)

Nightstalker Static Powers
These powers cannot be trained higher.
Use these ranks to plan accordingly.


Defensive Stance
Offensive Stance
Precise Stance
stance details

Weapon Powers

Bow Powers 5
Crossbow Powers 40
Dagger Powers 30
Unarmed Powers 40
Staff Powers 5
Sword Powers 20
Blade Master Powers 10
Sun Dancing Powers 20

Contributions by: Colest and Rewen in 2018


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