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A New Age has begun, and a new breed of magician walks the World, born of change, ready to inherit the sundered World. Most folk reach ever outward, whether they be Warriors striving for power, Rogues grasping for wealth, Healers seeking the blessings of dead Gods or Wizards studying the World and Universe. Those born with the Gift, the Warlocks, know that all of these paths are doomed to fail. Warlocks turn their vision inward, and have discovered that self-awareness and Focus of will are the keys to true power and wisdom.



 Warrior of the Mind

The Warlock uses high discipline and meditation to achieve an ideal state of mind and body. His unique training enables him to telekinetically bolster his defenses, shed the fear of gods, cast off paltry magical effects, and even lift himself into the air. When projected outward, the Warlock can delve into the minds of others at his whim, shaping their thoughts both for good and for ill.
Powers and Skills
Level Icon Ability Description
10 Mind Strike Mind Strike Single-target mental damage and short Stun
Hypnotic Gaze Hypnotic Gaze Single-target non-player Mesmerize
Surpass Limits Surpass Limits Personal health-to-stamina conversion
12 Danger Sense Danger Sense Personal Defense buff
Calm Calm Single-target non-player Lull
14 Dull the Body Dull the Body Single-target Strength, Dexterity, and health recovery debuff
Unleash Nightmare Unleash Nightmare Single-target non-player Fear
15 Offensive cam.png Offensive Stance Personal combat stance
Defensive cam.png Defensive Stance Personal combat stance
Precise cam.png Precise Stance Personal combat stance
16 Psychic Shout Psychic Shout Area mental damage and short Stun
Shatter Will Shatter Will Single-target mental damage resistance debuff
18 Psychic Shield Psychic Shield Personal melee damage Damage Absorber
Mental Shield Mental Shield Personal mental damage Damage Absorber
Mind Snare Mind Snare Single-target Snare
20 Ignore the Old Order Ignore the Old Order Single-target holy damage resistance buff
Dull the Mind Dull the Mind Single-target Intelligence, Spirit, and mana recovery debuff
22 Battlemind Battlemind Personal attack speed and melee damage buff
Levitation Levitation Personal flight
24 Mind Ward Mind Ward Single-target mental damage resistance buff
Break Enchantment Break Enchantment Personal dispel debuff
26 Psychic Healing Psychic Healing Personal heal
Mind and Body One Mind and Body One Personal Constitution, Dexterity and Strength buff
28 Dominate Dominate Single-target non-player Charm (humanoid only)
30 Needs of the One Needs of the One Area mana Drain
Mental Backlash Mental Backlash Personal mental-based Damage Shield
32 Mindwipe Mindwipe Single-target non-player Amnesia
34 Free Thought Free Thought Personal Constitution, Intelligence and Spirit buff
36 Fortress of the Mind Fortress of the Mind Personal mental damage Fortitude
38 Mind Trap Mind Trap Area snare
40 Hypnotic Aura Hypnotic Aura Area non-player Mesmerize
42 Total Mindwipe Total Mindwipe Area non-player Amnesia
50 Mental Projection Mental Projection Personal invulnurability

Playstyle Tips
  • Warlocks are among the most self-sufficient classes and make excellent solo characters. However, they will have problems fighting zombies since there's not much brain left for them to toy with.
  • The mental damage type is unique to Warlocks, making it one of the least-resisted damage types.
  • The combination of Surpass Limits and Phychic Healing make Warlocks one of the few classes that can remain airborne indefiniately.
  • Lacking damage-over-time spells, Warlocks are vulnurable to surprise attacks and attrition from rogues, who can weave in and out of stealth.


  • Lacking an invisibility spell, Warlocks can use a combination of defensive stance and Stun to keep themselves resistant and prestunned if they suspect other mages are lurking near.
  • Dull the Body can be used to counter regeneration-based characters, or in combination with the mage's Weakening to devastating effect.


  • Their multitude of defense buffs, and the ability to cleanse defense debufffs with Break Enchantment, make fighter Warlocks one of the hardiest characters in the game.
  • As this class is very tight on training points, focusing heavily on one area will inevitably leave them weak in another. Supreme defense comes at the cost of respectable damage.
Warlock Information

Base Classes

Mage, Fighter


Aelfborn, Aracoix, Human, Nephilim, Shade, Vampire


Artillerist, Battle Magus, Belgosch, Blade Master, Bounty Hunter, Commander, Conjurer, Drannok, Enchanter, Gorgoi, Prospector, Sapper, Savant, Shroudborne, Skydancer, Summoner, Traveler

Mastery Runes

Master of Daggers, Master of Great Swords

Skills Granted

Staff, Sword, Warlockry (level 10)
Staff Mastery, Sword Mastery, Unarmed Combat Mastery (level 20)
Granted 10 trains in Block and Parry upon promotion

Gender Restriction

Male Only

Warlock Static Powers
These powers cannot be trained higher.
Use these ranks to plan accordingly.


Defensive Stance
Offensive Stance
Precise Stance
stance details
Defensive Stance
Offensive Stance
Precise Stance
stance details

Weapon Powers

Staff Powers 30
Sword Powers 30
Great Sword Powers 10
Blade Master Powers 30
Axe Powers 10
Great Axe Powers 10
Dagger Powers 10
Unarmed Powers 30
Hammer Powers 10
Great Hammer Powers 10
Pole Arm Powers 10
Staff Powers 40
Sword Powers 40
Blade Master Powers 40

Contributions by: Colest and Rewen in 2018


Prestige Classes

Assassin (PQ)    Barbarian (PQ)    Bard (PQ)    Channeler (PQ)    Confessor (PQ)    Crusader (PQ)    Doomsayer (PQ)
Druid (PQ)    Fury (PQ)    Huntress (PQ)    Necromancer (PQ)    Nightstalker (PQ)    Prelate (PQ)    Priest (PQ)
Ranger (PQ)    Scout (PQ)    Sentinel (PQ)    Templar (PQ)    Thief (PQ)    Warlock (PQ)    Warrior (PQ)    Wizard (PQ)

Base Classes Fighter    Healer    Mage    Rogue

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