Sun Dancer

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Chronicle Sun Dancer
Kindled Blood, Burning Soul

Called Dervishes by the peoples of the Green Lands, Sun Dancers are the strangest and deadliest of all Irekei. The true pinnacle of strength, the Sun Dancers teach, can only be reached when an Irekei casts off all weapons but his flesh and spirit, becoming like unto the Dragon itself. Laughing as we came, the Blade Weavers began our dance, expecting an easy kill. And then this stranger moved, and taught dancers the true measure of motion. So fast were his limbs that my eyes could not follow them, and he seemed somehow to pluck the thoughts from my very brain, anticipating the steps and turns of my dance, and countering them effortlessly. We slashed at him, our T'lanarionae a storm of steel, but the jet-skinned devil weaved and leaped, and we never drew his blood. Then he struck, with nothing more than his bare fists and feet, but in them was such force that they sent his targets flying through the air, as if struck by a battering ram. And such a baleful heat was in him that our flesh burned at his touch, as if lashed with fire.

Discipline Information

Sun Dancer Rune

Available Races and Classes

Discipline Effects and Items
Discipline Dropper
Trainer Locations
  • Master Sun Dancer
Discipline Powers

Strike of the Manticore DNT
Strike of the Manticore's Power Cameo "Personal Attack Speed Buff"
Requires Unarmed Combat Skill ( 60 )

Granted: Level 20
Power Type: Spell
Mana Cost: 60
Casting Time: 2 seconds
Recycle Time: 600.0 seconds
Target and Range: Self/No target

  • Attack Speed Buff
    • Delay Between Attacks: -10% to -30% (from power rank 0 to 20)
    • Duration: 300 seconds
    • Stack Category: AttackSpeedBuff
    • Dispel Tags: Buff, Effect

Embrace of the Phoenix
Embrace of the Phoenix's Power Cameo "Single Target Fire Resistance Buff"

Granted: Level 20
Power Type: Spell
Mana Cost: 36
Casting Time: 4 seconds
Recycle Time: 0 seconds
Target and Range: Players (50 Units)

  • Fire Resistance Buff
    • Fire Resistance: + 10 to 30 (from power rank 0 to 20)
    • Duration: 60 seconds
    • Stack Category: ResistanceBuff
    • Dispel Tags: Buff, Effect, Fire