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Chronicle Irekei
The Outcasts, Devil Men of the Burning Wastes

The "Devilmen"; little is known of these strange, fierce, red-skinned raiders of the desert. Folktales claim they are the descendants of a long lost family of Elvish nobles who were banished to the Burning Lands for their ferocity and warlike nature. While Irekei and Elves are distinctly similar, the Devilmen deny any kinship, and respond to the suggestion with violence. Known primarily for their ferocity in battle and their ruthless treatment of all non-Irekei, raiding parties of Irekei are the terror of all settlements that border on the deserts. Renowned for their teachings in the mystic arts, Irekei also make cunning assassins. It is said that Irekei children are trained in the use of knives from birth, and learn to fight before they learn to speak. What outsiders see as cruelty, Irekei see as strength tempered by grim necessity.

Race Information
Irekei Runestone
Available Classes

Starting Attributes

Creation Cost: 15

Granted: 40 Base Strength / 85 Max Strength
Granted: 55 Base Dexterity / 130 Max Dexterity
Granted: 40 Base Constitution / 90 Max Constitution
Granted: 45 Base Intelligence / 110 Max Intelligence
Granted: 30 Base Spirit / 85 Max Spirit

Racial Items
Abilities and Traits
Blood of The Dragon

Blood of The Dragon
Creation Cost: 8
The khar'ika, the sacred blood fire of the Dragon, burns in
your veins. Kindled by the flames of the sun, it shall
ward your flesh from lesser flames forevermore!
Grants: +10 to Fire Resistance
Grants: +5% Movement Speed

Image Gallery
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