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From the times before the First Dawning some Heroes have pitted their strength against their foes, overcoming adversity through force of arms. Ours has always been a Fighter's world, and our history is replete with examples of the warrior's creed. The Knights of the Petty Kingdoms, the mounted archers of the Horse Nomads, the soldiers who follow the War Lords, and the Great Berserks of the Frozen North are all fighters at heart - no matter the particulars of their craft. Whether they fight for a cause, for glory, or for the simple love of slaughter, they fight.



 The Path of Might

Fighters are Aerynth's soldiers. They represent the best physical qualities, and gain the most weapon and armor skills of their base class peers.
Powers and Skills
Level Icon Ability Description
10 Sprint cam.png Sprint Personal short-duration Movement Speed buff
Sprint cam.png Traveling Stance Personal long-duration Movement Speed buff, attack and defense debuff, and fly block
Kick cam.png Kick Next weapon swing does 10% more damage
Wallofsteel cam.png Wall of Steel Personal Parry chance buff
Shieldblock cam.png Shield Block Personal Block chance buff
Training Point Breakdown

The table below represents training points granted per level. Humans receive an additional point per level until level 60.

All Races Human
Levels Trains Levels Trains
1 - 10 36 (4 per level) 1 - 10 45 (5 per level)
11 - 59 490 (10 per level) 11 - 59 539 (11 per level)
60 - 64 25 (5 per level) 60 - 64 25 (5 per level)
65 - 69 20 (4 per level) 65 - 69 20 (4 per level)
70 - 74 15 (3 per level) 70 - 74 15 (3 per level)
75 2 (2 per level) 75 2 (2 per level)
Total 588 Total 646
Fighter Information

Prestige Classes

Barbarian, Crusader, Huntress, Ranger, Sentinel, Templar, Warlock, Warrior


all races


+5 Strength
+5 Constitution
-10 Intelligence


+5% Movement Speed


Axe, Block, Bow, Dagger, Hammer, Light Armor, Medium Armor, Parry, Pole Arm, Sword, Unarmed

Resource Bonuses

Health: +20
Mana: +5
Stamina: +3


Prestige Classes

Assassin (PQ)    Barbarian (PQ)    Bard (PQ)    Channeler (PQ)    Confessor (PQ)    Crusader (PQ)    Doomsayer (PQ)
Druid (PQ)    Fury (PQ)    Huntress (PQ)    Necromancer (PQ)    Nightstalker (PQ)    Prelate (PQ)    Priest (PQ)
Ranger (PQ)    Scout (PQ)    Sentinel (PQ)    Templar (PQ)    Thief (PQ)    Warlock (PQ)    Warrior (PQ)    Wizard (PQ)

Base Classes Fighter    Healer    Mage    Rogue