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This page will document in-game rules.

No Botting

  • Each player may have one account, if you log into more than one account (excluding "_" accounts), that is against the rules and that account will be removed.


  • Macros are allowed, but macros themselves may take predetermined actions and may not react to game circumstances. Example no auto-looting.
    • Related assets will be removed and account permanently suspended.
  • Key Cloning is not allowed
    • Key Cloning will result in permanent account suspension.

Collision Detection

  • Glitching through doors, walls or objects is not allowed.
    • Fist time offenders will result in short term (3-5 day suspension), repeat offenders will result in permanent account suspension.

Account Management

  • Each player must use an individual unique account. Any cases where a player is logging into multiple unique accounts ("_" accounts are permitted) is considered against the rules. If administrative action needs to be taken for breaking the rules, all related accounts that player is seen utilizing will be effected, regardless if they were directly related to the issue.


  • Each player is allowed one active character in game at any time. Additional characters can be in-game, but must have death shroud applied through the supported launcher system, using the _ account method. No registering of multiple accounts.
    • Circumventing the Multi-Boxing policy will result in account suspension.


  • No racism or personal attacks.
    • Resulting in short term (3-5 day) account suspension.
  • No tampering or performing modifications to the launcher or game application files.
    • Tampering with launcher or game application files will result in permanent account suspension.
  • Trees planted in the water will be moved to an available position, this may not be within the same realm or location.
    • Don't plant in the water!

Memory Hacking the Client/Alternate Launchers

  • All accounts and related assets will be permanently suspended & seized.

VPN Usage

  • Due to the abuse we have seen against the server, VPN's are not allowed. Repeat offenders will have accounts suspended.


  • All in-game suspensions will come with a free dunce-hat in Discord for the duration of the Ban/Suspension!