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Chronicle Aracoix
The Bird Men, Born of the Winds

Of all the new creatures encountered since the Turning, the avian humanoids who Men have come to call Aracoix are the most remarkable. At first many thought them to be nothing more than a strange, sorcerous fusion of Man and Hawk, perhaps created by the Elves to use as slaves and soldiers. Others thought them to be old creatures previously undiscovered, who had lived in some isolated corner of the World but now roamed far through the use of the Runegates. Magi and Loremasters now believe Birdmen are creatures from another World entirely, who have journeyed to the fragments of our World by methods unknown. Civilized and noble, the Birdmen are a race barely understood by the other Children of the World. When first encountered, Humans judged the Aracoix to be primitive and savage aberrations, but time has proven these assumptions completely incorrect. Hunted without mercy and driven into hiding, the Aracoix are fierce warriors and brilliant hunters that bear little love or trust for any of the peoples of the World. Rumors tell that the Aracoix disdain all Gods and religions, and are profoundly suspicious of all Magic.

Race Information
Aracoix Runestone
Available Classes

Starting Attributes

Creation Cost: 15

Granted: 50 Base Strength / 115 Max Strength
Granted: 55 Base Dexterity / 120 Max Dexterity
Granted: 45 Base Constitution / 105 Max Constitution
Granted: 35 Base Intelligence / 85 Max Intelligence
Granted: 30 Base Spirit / 85 Max Spirit

  • Natural Flight
  • Mental Resistance: +15%
  • Lightning Resistance: -15%
  • Limited Racial Helmets Only
Racial Items
Image Gallery
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