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Intelligence or Int is defined as "capacity for learning, reasoning, understanding, and similar forms of mental activity". This trait has been adapted as a Shadowbane stat responsible primarily for casted power damage. Intelligence defines the skill training cap, and can also raise skill percentage, which in turn can affect defense and weapon damage as well.

Role in Character Development

Intelligence is the primary factor in deciding the maximum damage of a spell.


  • Maximum Power Damage = [(1 + '''Focus Skill''') * Listed Maximum Damage] + [[Listed Maximum Damage/5] * Intelligence/10] + [Listed Mimimum Damage * Spirit / 32]
  • Skill points are awarded at a rate of one skill point per six points of intelligence (1:6).


Intelligence is an important stat for the mage and healer base classes, whose spells scale in damage based on intelligence and whose mana pools are directly increased by it. However, it is recommended that melee characters have at least 40 intelligence. This will allow you to train your basic skills to 100 for use of 100%-quality weapons and armor. If you get 60 Intelligence you can put 90 trains into your skills. That allows you to train a skill as long as you get +1 Skill for each train. As you get +20 skill points for the first 10 trains, you actually get +100 to your skill. That way you get better attack rating and defense.