Battle Magus

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Chronicle Battle Magus
Scourge of Cities

The magical arts have always held a central place in warfare, but Battle Magi hone their arts to new extremes. These powerful casters unleash spells that can hamper or destroy walls and buildings, or curse entire armies. "War," Sathrum the Sage once said, "is the ultimate expression of truth upon the face of Aerynth. He who has the power to destroy a thing controls a thing. No philosophy, no lore, no faith, no wisdom can hope to compete with that fundamental fact." Some called him a madman, but his words have proven themselves true across five thousand years of broken empires and bloody battlefields. Conflict is the purest expression of Power, with all gentility and pretext stripped away. In the end, only power matters.

Discipline Information

Battle Magus Rune

Available Races and Classes

Discipline Effects
  • Grants Powers
Discipline Dropper
Trainer Locations
  • Master Battle Magus
    • Aeldreth - Merchant Tent - 70330 x 47830
Discipline Powers

Scry's Power Cameo "Sense and Reveal Players"
Reveals and points you in the direction of nearby players
Searches for nearby enemies.

Granted: Level 20
Power Type: Spell
Mana Cost: 50
Casting Time: 3.5 Seconds
Recycle Time: 20 Seconds
Requires Hit Roll: No
Target and Range: Self/No target
Area of Effect: 60 Units

  • Scry
    • Sense direction of nearby players (1024 units)
    • Reveal those within Area of Effect (from power rank 1 to 20)

Demolishing Spell
Demolishing Spell's Power Cameo "Building Only Percent Damage Over Time"

Granted: Level 20
Focus Skill: Sorcery
Mana Cost: 75
Casting Time: 6 Seconds
Recycle Time: 90 Seconds
Requires Hit Roll: Yes
Target and Range: Buildings Only (50 Units)

  • Dispel Siege Heal
    • Remove effects with "SiegeHeal" dispel tag
  • Siege Damage over Time (Interval: 15 seconds)
    • Amount: 1% of target's maximum Health pool
    • Duration: 180 seconds
    • Dispel Tags: Effect, SiegeDamage

Skirmish Counterspell
Skirmish Counterspell's Power Cameo "Tight-ranged AoE; Dispel All Elemental and Magic Effects"

Granted: Level 20
Power Rank: 20 (Journeyman)
Mana Cost: 100
Casting Time: 4 Seconds
Recycle Time: 60 to 20 Seconds (from power ranks 20 to 40)
Requires Hit Roll: No
Target and Range: Monsters or Players (50 Units) - Spherical
Area of Effect: 12 Units
Max mob targets: 7
Max player targets: 7

  • Dispel Cold, Fire, Lightning and Magic
    • Removes effect with "Cold" dispel tag
    • Removes effect with "Fire" dispel tag
    • Removes effect with "Lightning" dispel tag
    • Removes effect with "Magic" dispel tag