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Throne of Oblivion Retail Box

Throne of Oblivion (patch 4.0) was added to Shadowbane on December 7th, 2004. This patch was part of the Throne of Oblivion expansion pack.

A new age is at hand. Scattered hermits carry the favor of the Gods themselves, and can offer the divine mandate to any who would rule in their name. For the first time since the Turning, new Kings take up their crowns, claiming dominion over the war-torn realms of Aerynth. The rise of the New Kings has brought both hope and bloodshed. The chaos of the Age of Strife may at last be ended... If an ancient doom does not destroy all first! A century ago, the Turning halted the flow of souls from the lands of the living into the lands of the dead. For a hundred years the Void outside has hungered, and waited... But no longer! The ancient Vampires have awakened, the Cult of the Shroud has revived the ancient art of Necromancy, and Ithirana, Lich Queen of Oblivion, leads an unholy legion through the Doomgate! Can the new realms of Aerynth withstand the dark power of the Throne of Oblivion?

- Throne of Oblivion promotional narrative
General Changes
  • Added a new Character Selection Interface (the list is back, baby!)
  • Added a 7th Character Slot
  • Optimized server reboot times
  • Updated the SBConfig tool with additional settings
  • Pets will now only move if it's master steps outside a small radius from the pet
  • Stat Buffs and Debuffs now only affect players
  • Unarmed Skill now uses Dexterity as its primary Attribute
  • Increased the size and color of the Track Arrow
  • Casting a power on a player corpse is a valid tactic
  • Reduced the efficiency of Stamina Drains
  • Players can no longer land inside Mines and Mine Carts
  • Dodge now works against spells
  • Light Armor Skill will now use Dexterity for skill, not Strength
  • Damage inflicted by throwing weapons has been decreased
  • Added powers for (Non-Sun Dancer) Unarmed Combat
  • Added a new Loading Screen
  • Added more ambient sounds
  • Resampled Combat Sound Events
  • Items dropped in a building now decay after 5 minutes
  • The Great Apes now respawn faster
  • Fixed a typo in Northman Chain Gloves
  • Fixed various client crashes
  • Fixed various issues with the Mac Client
  • New casting sounds for male and female Mages have been implemented
  • The Petition Window has been lengthened
  • You can no longer be brazen cowards and hide under Runegates
  • The World Map no longer resets to the default zoom level when opened and closed
  • The Mac and PC Clients have had terrain loading improvements
  • Fixed various structures where players might fall underneath them
  • Flying characters can no longer descend into a forge smoke stack
  • Added versioning to Interface Skins so obsolete skins that may cause a client to continually crash will not load
  • Unarmed powers now have power strings attached to them
  • The Dodge Skill on NPCs has been greatly reduced
World Changes
  • Introducing the new Realm and Rulership system to include updates to the World Map
  • Introducing the Isle of Oblivion; the Runegates will take you there if you have access to the expansion
  • A message will be displayed when you enter a new zone telling you where you are
  • A message will be displayed when you enter a 'peace' zone or one you are labeled Kill On Sight
  • Incorporated new resource sets
  • The Open Law Gate spell will take you to a Safehold
  • Placed a Runeseller Building on each map; note Runeseller will only appear for Events
  • Any Skrell Swamp upon the mainland of the Aerynth mapset has been replaced by the Tainted Swamp that contains high level encounters and a Resource Mine
  • Tainted Swamps have been added to the Dalgoth and Vorringia mapsets.
  • The Ice Goblin Camp has been revamped
  • Updated the vendors in Bastion and Perdition
  • Epic Mobs will now drop the Realm Charters and are available as a rare drop on Maelstrom and Oblivion
  • Added the Sea Dog's Rest to all mapsets which allows characters of any level above 10 to bind
  • Ruthviel, Confessor Missionary at the Cleansing Flame Outpost no longer thinks she is a Huntress
  • Buildings in Erkenghold and Starkholm have been visited by their local furniture store
  • Updated the Window of Opportunity times for the Damnation Server to be from 4pm GMT to 0am GMT
  • Many existing Goldmines have been replaced with Ore, Timber, or Magic mines; the four mine types now produce over a dozen Resource types
  • There is a new hamlet on the Vorringia mapset offering better access to adventuring zones
City & Siege
  • Strongboxes will no longer credit gold by having a negative balance.However, existing *strongboxes that went negative will still be negative (placing gold inside is the only way to fix this).
  • A Nation can only have no more than 3 Banes placed at once
  • New Bane Circle Ranks have been implemented; Note you have to place a Bane Circle that is equal to or greater in rank than the Tree of Life you are sieging
  • Added new Ranked Bane Circles to Sages
  • Only Buildings of War can be placed off of a City Grid
  • Siege Tents now have 3 Vendor Slots and can place Siege Engineers, Innkeepers, and Bursars
  • You will receive an error message if you improperly attempt to place a Bane Circle
  • A new Artillery Tower has been created that allows you to place a Tower Artillery Captain that allows you to place Siege Engines
  • Spires status now persists through server downtimes
  • Siege Engines now have impart particle effects when they hit
  • The Mangonel Siege Engine is now used for Anti-Personnel
  • The Ballista Siege Engine is now used for Anti-Siege
  • Water Buckets now have 3 charges
  • Siege Engineers can now be placed in an Inn
  • Bane Circles no longer derank when they reach 0 hit points but rather are destroyed
  • Sentry and Patrol Points now limited to just beyond the city grid
  • Added the Tax Collector position (same area as assigning Inner Council)
Realm & Rulership
  • The new Realm System has been implemented, read the Intro Guide fro more info
  • Nations have a limit of no more than 8 sub-guilds (this does not affect how many members can belong to Sworn Guild or a Province)
  • The Capital City of each Territory will now have a Palace for their Tree of Life
  • Added a 24-hour timer where a realm will be unclaimable after it's Capital has been destroyed
  • Only structures that should be giving realm bonuses now are those located on the city grid of a city, bearing the nation crest of that city (is affiliated with the city), or whose city has paid its taxes to the territory's capital
  • /realm will display local realm information
  • Non-Rulable or Non-Buildable rules will be displayed on the realm Welcome Message
  • Each Realm now displays the number of towns allowed in its mouse over
Formula Crafting
  • Added the new Item Creation System
  • When using "Select All" on the Hireling Inventory Interface, it will select ALL items, not just those currently visible
  • When crafting items, gold and resources are charged at the beginning of the production instead of at the end
  • When crafting items using the "Magic" method, the cost will be the base gold cost plus 10%
  • When crafting multiple items of the same type via the production slider, total cost will be checked when production is began but the gold and resource costs will be removed as each individual one is started
  • When junking or smelting items, only the base gold cost of the item will be refunded; resources nor value changes caused by magical effects will be refunded
  • New 110% Weapons can be crafted on Vendors using Resources
  • Added new unarmed weapons and can be crafted on a Daggersmith
  • Nephilim Sages can no longer craft Druid Staves
  • Created new enchantments that will boost Bloodcraft, Exorcism, and Necromancy skills
  • Created new Unholy Damage enchantments to include unholy weapon procs and damage shields
  • Created the next tier of enchantments that can only be crafted using Resources
  • The Elven Tailor now can enhance the Elven Archmage Robe with the "of Genius" suffix
  • Added Vampire Light and Heavy Armor to Leatherworkers and Heavy Armorsmiths
  • Added Vampire Vendor Deeds to the gameworld that drop on Oblivion
Racial Changes
  • Added "No Snare" Power and Effect icons for the Aelfborn Power
  • Adjusted Centaurs for -5 Unholy Resist
  • Adjusted Dwarves for -5 Unholy Resist
  • Irekei Fighters can now take the Brawler rune
  • Adjusted Shades for +5 Unholy Resist
  • Added the new Vampire Race
Class Changes
  • Rogues now have an Unarmed Starting Kit
  • Added the new Necromancer Class to include class-specific armor and weapon
  • Added the new Nightstalker Class to include class-specific armor and weapon
Discipline Changes
  • Wereform Powers now have a higher stacking rank
  • You can no longer apply Dark Knight if you have the Knight Discipline and vice versa; does not affect existing characters with both
  • Added the Battle Magus Discipline for the Mage Base Class
  • Added the Belgosch Discipline for Vampires
  • Updated the Leadership Skill mouse over
  • Added the Drannok Discipline for Vampires
  • The Enchanter Power "Infuse with Power" is now working (Note: This is false)
  • Giant Killer rune description now includes Great Axe Mastery skill in the power grants section
  • Added the Gorgoi Discipline for Vampires
  • Added the Saboteur Discipline for the Rogue Base Class
  • Added the Sanctifier Discipline for the Healer Base Class
  • Added the Sapper Discipline for the Fighter Base Class
  • Added the Strigoi Discipline for Vampires
  • Players will now arrive at Runegates in Safemode when using the "Recall to Runegate" Power

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