Tainted Swamp

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Map of Tainted Swamp

Once this was a mighty forest infested by Orcs, but floods in the recent months drove out the Orcs, and brought fouler things. The taint of Chaos has taken deep root here, its influence poisoning the water and twisting the wildlife.

- Tainted Swamp

Tainted Swamp is a chaos-themed macrozone accessible on all mapsets. It is recommended for players level 35 to 60.

Discipline Runes


Master of Pole Arms
Master of Spears



Resource Mine Products


Microzone Listing

  1. Grove of Heads
  2. Ettin Village (commonly known as "Big Ettins", Gladiator drops here)
  3. Chaos Siege Camp
  4. Chaos Bulwark (Thrall dropper)
  5. Tainted Tree of Life
  6. Abandoned Lighthouse
  7. Tainted Ruins
  8. Gold Mine
  9. Tainted Glade (commonly known as "Chims")
  10. Chaos Fane
  11. Swamp Giant Lair
  12. Necromancer Lair
  13. Ettin Camp
  14. Fouled Graveyard
  15. Tainted Grove
  16. Dark Encampment
  17. Dark Conclave