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These are known technical issues with the Shadowbane Emulator. All are well-documented errors that can be reliably reproduced.

If you have discovered a new bug or error not listed here, please help us by making a post in the #report-bugs-here channel in Discord.

Please note that is a violation of the rules to exploit bug to gain an advantage in the game.

Fixable Bugs

Please contact a staff member if you experience one of these issues. They will be handled on a case-by-case basis until full fixes are implemented.

  • Tree of Life does not flatten land around it after placement ("terraform")
  • Tree of Life is under water after placement
  • Abandoning and re-claiming a tree of life can cause issues with shrines and mine claims.

General Bugs

Note: this list is not exhaustive.

  • Deleting a character and then re-making one with the same name in a short time frame can cause the second character to become bugged. If you delete a character, please wait one hour before remaking a new one with the same name.
  • Human LA and Tailor (and some other races) cannot add the stamina prefix to boots via formula crafting.

Unimplemented Features

These features existed in the original Shadowbane, but have simply not been emulated yet.

  • The Divine Favor system's user interface and ranking list has not been fully implemented.
  • Players can fall inside walls, runegates, and other structures that elevate them off the ground
  • Water does not exist server-side, which causes forward rubber-banding for players swimming through it.
  • Furniture is not available for purchase.
  • The Enchanter spell "Infuse with Power" does not function.
  • Innkeepers do not function.
  • The Bargaining skill (Thief and Shopkeeper's Apprentice) has no effect.
  • Destruction banes aren't possible. You can only capture a city.
  • Warrants do not function and are not sold on vendors.
  • The in-game friends list is not fully emulated
  • Player-controlled NPCs are not assigned randomized names
  • Charm spells do not function.
  • Renaming equipment with the formula crafting feature does not work yet.
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