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Passive defenses are skills that increase survivability. Passive defenses mechanics always on unless a creature is sitting down or stunned.


Merely carrying a shield will aid one's defense in combat, but with careful practice a defender learns how to put his shield to its best use. Seasoned defenders anticipate blows and block them before they ever fall.

- Block skill description

The block skill provides a chance to negate incoming melee attacks and can be increased by magical shields with bonuses of +1, +2, and +3, which equate to an increased chance to Block of 5%, 10%, and 15%, respectfully.


Block is available to the healer or fighter base class, and can be trained at any class trainer that offers its class to healers or fighters.


The great Warlord Harthool Klin once said, 'There is no shame in evasion, for surely the best defense is not to be there.' Lightly armored defenders learn to avoid their foes' attacks, leaving nothing to hit but empty air.

- Dodge skill description

Dodge gives character a chance to avoid attacks from weapons or spells.


Dodge is granted to all rogues and may be trained at any rogue trainer or class trainer that offers its class to the rogue base class.


The line between offense and defense is as thin as a hair. Any melee weapon can also act as a shield, turning attacks on blade or haft. Such music springs from steel on steel!

- Parry skill description

Parry creates the chance for a player to cancel out melee attacks with their own weapon. Chance to parry receives a 5% bonus for dual-wield and a 10% bonus for wielding a two-handed weapon.


Parry is granted to the Fighter base class and the Thief prestige class, and thus parry can only be trained at fighter trainers, class trainers who offer their class to fighters, and Thief trainers.

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