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Herein lies the first answer to the riddle of the pylons: under the proper conditions, their potent magical auras create a gateway, a conduit between two sets of pylons. Remarkably, these gates are still functional even in the wake of the Turning and the subsequent sundering of the World. I have discovered how these ancient artifacts can be used to travel between the fragments of our sundered World! I have made one journey so far: soon I shall attempt others. Whether or not the other fragments remain habitable or hospitable remains to be seen. Indeed, folk here refer to the pylons as "Runegates."

A runegate is a mechanic within the game world represented by a circular rock formation complete with many glyphs. A runegate will allow a player to be transported to other runegates strategically placed elsewhere in the world in an effort to reduce travel time.


Traveler is a runegate-oriented discipline available to any character in the game. This discipline grants a player several options for travel in addition to the basic gates available to all. The mechanics of this discipline can be hard to remember, and even a veteran player may need to reference a runegate map.

On each map there are many runegates organized into one or more sets of five corresponding to the five Traveler powers (Earth, Wind, Fire, Water or Spirit.) With a few exceptions, within each set any one of the runegates can access any of the other four using these powers. If there is more than one set then there will usually be a "grand terminal" as well which brings one runegate from each set into mutual proximity, allowing you to "change tracks." In addition, each runegate will also have three permanently opened law (white), chaos (rainbow) and death (black) portals to, respectively, the Law Gate (if it exists), Maelstrom and Oblivion.

Within each set, use the appropriate power on your current runegate to create the portal you need. Using the power of the runegate you are standing on will have no effect unless otherwise noted.

Runegate Guides