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Gold is the currency used in Shadowbane. I can only be found on mobs corpses or harvested from mines.

Killing mobs specifically for wealth gain is called farming.


Gold has many uses:

  • Purchasing goods and services from players
  • Purchasing items from NPCs
  • Paying for maintenance costs associated with buildings and vendors
  • Upgrading vendors, guards, and buildings within a city
  • Repairing damaged buildings
  • Funding the use of a Siege Spire

Gold Cap

There is a limit on the amount of gold the player or their buildings can hold at once, and gold may not be deleted.

  • A player may hold no more then twenty million (20,000,000) in his inventory at one time.
  • A bank or vault cannot hold more than fifty million (50,000,000).
  • A building's strongbox can hold up to thirty million (30,000,000).
  • A warehouse may only accept up to one-hundred million gold (100,000,000).