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In Development contains high-level concepts being discussed for future content in Shadowbane. These items come with no time table, and may not ever make it to a live server. Throughout season 5 we collected quite a bit of user feedback, as well as data from events happening in game. We are excited to share with everyone what has been going on behind the scenes.

Breakthrough in Client Files!

  • The majority of developer focus has been around server code. Over the last 12-18 months our focus has been fixing Bane Performance, improving sync (more to come!), improving altitude and city height issues as well as creating content to change up ways you can progress a character. Up until now the client files have not been easy to work with. We recently made a breakthrough in this area which will allow us to not only clean up and resolve bugs quicker from a powers/skills perspective, but also expand the scope of possible balance changes. This breakthrough also opens additional doors regarding further sync improvements (Height-maps) that were previously not accessible to the team. We are still in our early stages of getting tooling in place, this will open many doors for the community.

City of Virankhaar ("Guards")

  • The PvP hotspot of Guards will be making a return with a new twist.


  • Rangers? Glass Bows? The team has been evaluating community feedback for the next round of balance changes.

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