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The Throne of Oblivion Maintenance Patch (patch 4.5) was added to Shadowbane on December 21st, 2004.

General Changes
  • Fixed an issue with the Migration Option where it would not confirm or move characters.
  • Added optimizations to the terrain and structure loading system.
  • Monsters that would not leave a corpse will now do so (such as Air Elementals).
  • Added new ambient sounds.
World Changes
  • Added Unarmed Weapons to the Weaponsmiths in the Hamlets and starting Safeholds.
  • City Population has been reimplemented on the mouse-over.
City & Siege
  • Fixed an exploit where Mines would illegally change ownership.
  • Members who do not belong to a warring Nation can no longer be friended to Buildings of War.
  • If an attacker or defender falls under the limit of Buildings of War they can now be replaced.
  • The Information Window on the Runemaster will now dynamically update when removing structures from the protection list.
  • Vampire and Lizardmen Hirelings now use a new naming convention (this only works on new hirelings).
  • The Strongbox information now updates dynamically when upgrading a Hireling.
  • Updated the Hireling and Artillery Captain Windows for ease of use.
  • The refund process has been adjusted for Rank 0 buildings.
  • Bulwarks placed during an active bane are no longer invulnerable.
Realm & Rulership
  • The reclaim timer for Realms now persists through server downtimes.
  • Updated the text description on the Realm Charters.
  • The Session Log will now contain an Error Message when taxing a city for 0%
Racial Changes
  • The Irekei Race rune no longer includes "increased unarmed damage" on the mouseover.
  • Fortitude powers now have a 60 second recycle timer.
Class Changes
  • The Necromancer Pet Summon ability can no longer be interrupted.
  • Increased the Sword Power Ranking for Rangers.
  • The Wings of the Seraphim's poweraction sort order has been updated.
Discipline Changes
  • Fortitude powers now have a 60 second recycle timer.
  • The Drannok Attack Speed Debuff has been changed to an instacast power.
  • All Vampire Fortitude powers now have a 60 second recycle timer.

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