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Stamina, often shortened to stam, is the amount of endurance for physical activy such as running, flying, attacking with weapons, or shouting. Stamina is uniformly represented on the Shadowbane GUI as a yellow bar. If stamina is running low or at zero, the character will revert to walk mode, return to the ground if he/she was flying, and stop using his/her weapon.

Stamina will recover slowly on its own, and the speed at which it recovers can be modified by a few factors. It can also be restored with heals, or a stamina-restoring potion.

Increasing Maximum Stamina

Stamina can be increased in a number of ways:

  • Receiving a stat bonus by gaining a level or promoting class.
  • Increasing one's constitution attribute
  • Wearing constitution or stamina-increasing jewelry or armor
  • Receiving a constitution buff


  • Stamina recovery is not in effect while swiming or flying, but stamina drain may be hindered by hovering in flight.
  • While swimming, stamina will drain slowly for the time you are under water. Running and walking speed are the same in the water, but walking will cost less stamina. For this reason, it is efficient to use walk mode while swimming.
  • If a player runs out of stamina while swimming, his health will begin to fade. A player may save himself by using a stamina potion under water.