Mercenary Company

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Factionhold: Leontar Fort
Guild Ranks:
  • Soldier
  • Man-at-Arms
  • Veteran
  • Myrmidon
  • Captain
  • Commander1
  • High Commander2
  • Warlord2
Overview: Soldiers for hire hoping to seize power in the age of warfare.

Narrative: While most of the Armies in the War-torn World fight for power or glory, there is another class of soldier, those who fights solely for profit. Swarms of Mercenary Companies wander the world, their commanders chosen for skill rather than birthright, and troops ranging from ill-trained rabble to combat tried elite cavalry. Drawn to wars like crows to a battlefield, the Companies ignore all talk of politics and faction, hiring themselves to anyone with gold enough to satisfy them. Mercenary Companies are notorious for numbering all manner of "specialists" in their ranks, from scouts to assassins and wizards, anything that might give their employers an extra edge on the battlefield. Some Company commanders conduct their affairs with honor and professionalism, while others are unprincipled thugs, changing sides in the midst of a battle if a better offer comes their way.

1 Denotes that only Members of a Guild that controls a City-State (or higher) can obtain this rank.
2 Denotes that only Members of a Guild that controls a Nation can obtain this rank.