Ranger's Brotherhood

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Factionhold: Wood's Hollow
Guild Ranks:
  • Yeoman
  • Pathfinder
  • Tracker
  • Seeker
  • Protector1
  • Guardian2
  • Lord Protector2 / Lady Protector2
Overview: Secretive orders of Druids and Rangers working to restore balance.

Narrative: An ancient order devoted to the service of Braialla, the Green Mother of the World, Ranger Brotherhoods are secretive groups, who congregate far from the excesses of civilization. Devoted to restoring the balance of nature and protecting the world from the ravages of war and chaos, the ways of the wood and the wild are second nature to them. Theirs is the hand that stops the rampages of the twisted tribes, puts down rogue beasts, and heals lands befouled by chaos or sorcery. The history of the world has left the members of the Ranger's Brotherhood with little admiration for either the All-Father or Cambruin the High King, for both of them brought no end of suffering and turmoil to the world. Denounced as heathens by many, the Brotherhood keeps in the shadows or lingers in the deepest woods far from prying eyes, fighting a secret war for the destiny of the world.

1 Denotes that only Members of a Guild that controls a City-State (or higher) can obtain this rank.
2 Denotes that only Members of a Guild that controls a Nation can obtain this rank.