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Also known as the Sleeping Flame and the Terror of Terrors, this incredibly powerful entity was asleep in a deep cavern when all life on Aerynth first awoke, and is ancient beyond all reckoning. The Dragon has risen from Its sleep only once, during the Age of Twilight, when It utterly destroyed the Twilight Kingdom of the Elves. The Dragon also created the Sun by immolating the Golden Moon with Its fiery breath, and is responsible for the death of Volliandra, the madness of Saedron, and the maiming of Malog. Even the strength of three True Gods in concert could not destroy the Dragon, though the Terror was horribly wounded, and retreated back into Its stygian lair. The Dragon is believed to be the progenitor of the various races of Drakes, and may also somehow be related to the Scaly Ones, the Lizard men of the Southern Swamps.

The Irekei believe that the Dragon can communicate with sensitive individuals via its dreams, and has been guiding the Irekei toward their destiny for centuries. They devoutly worship the Dragon, a thing they see as beyond even the Gods in power, and call the Terror Kryqua'khalin, or "sacred source of the Sun". Many believe that at the End of Days the Dragon will wake a second time, and destroy Aerynth in Its vengeance. The Irekei aver that their faith will lead them to be spared by the Terror. Thurin the Shaper forged Shadowbane to slay the Dragon, but it remains to be seen if the Blade of Destiny is powerful enough to harm a creature older than the Gods themselves.


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