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I know why you have come, before you even ask. I can hear the questions in your mind, and sense the desire within you. Stop, and be calm. Still your mind, and then perhaps you may truly hear all I have to say.

It is through Will alone my thoughts are out in motion, and Will is the lens through which I behold the Order underneath reality. You reveal much to me without meaning to. I can see the Focus you've nurtured in your aura, and I can hear the patterns you have given to the thoughts within your brain. The so-called Warlocks of this world have taught you much. No doubt they told you that you are a God, the inheritor of a dying world. Lies. The so-called "warlockry" they practice, the Focus they guard so carefully: it is not some phenomenon that simply arose in their minds, nor was it the legacy of their imaginary gods. It is the corrupted echo of ancient sciences our people devised, and that were extracted from Expeditionaries to this world through torture. You must renounce that path, and discover the path of the Savant. Many have walked the way before you.

We are Aracoix, you and I. But you must never forget that this designation does not refer to a shape, a body made of flesh or blood, or to a bloodline. Aracoix is a state of awareness, of true sentience. You must make the mental effort to achieve this state, or you are just another animal with wings. The Avian masters of our Homeworld are the only beings with minds capable of looking beyond the illusions of perception and seen the Hrak'shiya, the Order that defines reality. Arack was the first to see, and to discern the handiwork of the Old Ones, they who wrought reality and shaped the Universe. To follow him, you must renounce your conscious self, and become as one grain of sand in this desert, and one glimmering dewdrop in the clouds overhead. Even your physical body is itself made of countless tiny creatures, cells all acting in concert to fulfill the childish desires of your mind. You must quiet your mind, using your will to impose control over yourself while relinquishing all primitive desires and ambitions. To do so is to become a cell of the Universe. Submission to the will of the Empire is the same act: all true Aracoix are all cells of a mighty body, greater than our comprehension, a body that will steer the destiny of the Universe.

I can teach you many things. I can tell you the mnemonic keys and litanies that will empty your mind, and the exercises to order your thoughts in resonance and harmony with the Order hidden within reality. When you do this, you shall discover the connections that lie between all Aracoix, the Overmind that guides us toward perfection. I can teach you how to draw physical and spiritual strength from it, and the techniques we Savants use to share that strength with our fellow Aracoix. You shall also learn the Stare, which can destroy the will of an unordered mind and cast it into Chaos. Your journey down the Warlock's path as only a beginning. Embrace the Empire, learn the ways of the Savant, and I shall show you where that path ends.

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