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Shadowbane is legendary sword crafted by the god Thurin the Shaper and his Dwarves during the dawn of the world.

How was it Made?

Shadowbane is made from an unknown alloy containing many metals, including some not of this world. The metal was so strong, even the god forging it could barely dent it. It was quenched in the blood of the strongest creature to ever walk Aerynth at the cost of a god's own hand.

Fresh from the Field of Sorrow did Thurin return to the Halls of Haganduur, the greatest stronghold of his children, and stood before his mighty forge at the core of the World. To him he called the seven Forge Masters, oldest of all the Dwarves, greatest in skill and craft of his children. Long they worked, grinding adamant, truesteel, and truesilver from the Bones of the World, and stoking the fire in Thurin's forge until it shone as the newborn Sun.

Thurin melted the shavings of those mighty metals, and fusing them into a new metal altogether. Into the mixture Thurin cast the shaft of Callanthyr, which had been wrought in the Void of Chaos out of dark elements outside the Universe. The alloy which was born in Thurin's forge was never given a name, and never again has the World seen its like. Thurin sang a great song as he worked, and put all of his strength, the strength of Earth, into the metal. And at the last, when the blank was made and the mold broken, Thurin took the metal to the First Anvil, and set to forging a great blade. So strong was the brand that Thurin's hammer could barely dent it, even when it shone white hot. And so Thurin took his forging hammer in both hands, and all the seven Forge Masters held the tongs, for it took the strength of all seven to hold the blade in place against the force of Thurin's blows. A thousand thousand times the blade was hammered, then heated, then folded asunder and hammered again. And all the while the Dwarves watched, and learned, and sang songs praising their father's craftsmanship.

When at last the mighty blade was finished, Thurin picked it up in his bare left hand and wandered far in the deeps, the hot steel shining like a torch. Finally he came near to that cave where the Dragon lay, wounded, bleeding from its eye. Thurin found a stream of the Dragon's blood and dipped the blade in to quench it. The touch of the white hot steel had not caused the Shaper the slightest harm, but the blood of the Dragon was too much even for Thurin's fortitude to withstand. The foul blood burned Thurin's hand unto the bone as he held the metal in, but never did the Shaper wince or flinch. As so was Thurin's left hand scarred, and he did go forth after with that hand gloved. Thus quenched in Dragon's blood Thurin drew out the great blade, and the metal was charred, black as the deepest shadow.

What can it Do?

The limits of Shadowbane's power are unknown. Below is a list of what history has recorded.

  • Its hilt has been known to glow as bright as the sun, while the blade is "black as midnight"
  • Can almost completely sever the limbs of gods
  • Can penetrate or destroy mortal weapons and armor with ease
  • Indestructible by any mortal means
  • Thought to be able to cut the Dragon's skin (though this has not been tested)
  • Enable a mortal to easily kill an archon
  • When plunged into the world tree, it caused the planet's continents to violently separate, and closed the gates of heaven and hell

Why was it Created?

After The Dragon destroyed much of the Elvish kingdoms, Shadowbane was created both to restore trust in the All-Father, and to give the mortal races a weapon to defend themselves if it were to rise again.

'Here is the greatest blade that ever shall be forged,' Thurin spoke, 'a light to hold back the Shadow of Oblivion. To a sundered weapon of Chaos I have brought Order, and what I have wrought cannot be unmade. All the strength of earth and wrath of fire is bound within its edge. Tempered in the Dragon's Blood, its light is the light of the Golden Moon, which the Dragon's fire destroyed. Its edge will cleave the flesh even of that great Terror. Stand in the shadow of fear no longer, fair Elf Lord. Now you and your folk are free.' Sillestor rejoiced, and took the blade. "Shadowbane I name you,' the Elf-King said, 'may you be the doom of all that is evil.' And so Thurin left the Elves, and wandered long both on the World and under it.

Who Has Wielded Shadowbane?
Cambruin is betrayed
Despite being extremely powerful, the sword is also known to curse any who wield it.
  • Sillestor the Ellfking: First to wield Shadowbane, but soon began worshipping the beast lords. He attempted to attack the All-Father himself, but was stopped and killed by Thurin the Shaper.
  • Beregund Bladeseeker: A human who was tricked into seeking Shadowbane by Ithriana, but cursed the blade as he died.
  • Ithriana the Silver Maid: An Elf who betrayed Beregund to take the blade. She squandered its abilities and was turned into one of the first undead and banished to the lands of Oblivion.
  • Caeric Blackhammer: The first paladin and reclaimer of Shadowbane who went on an incredible quest to retrieve it for his king. His status is unknown.
  • Cambruin the High King: The great king that united the human kingdoms and finally defeated the elves. Died when one of his own knights took Shadowbane and stabbed him. His death marks the beginning of the Age of Strife.

Current Wherabouts
Shadowbane stuck in Yllgandir
The current whereabouts of the sword are unknown. It was last seen in the very same spot where it struck down Cambruin: stuck in the world tree Yllgandir near the city of Kierhaven. However, it has gone missing:

The last quester bold enough to make the journey returned with a strange tale: the Tree, he raved, was gone! Where once there stood Mount Telorinadreth, with the ruins of Kierhaven and the Stone Tree upon its lower slopes, now there is only a yawning chasm.


Some believe Ithriana, now dubbed the "lich queen" reclaimed the sword, and is using it to promote the goals of the Undead Legions. This is based on the box art for Throne of Oblivion featuring her holding the blade, in addition to other promotional images.


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