Thurin the Shaper

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Thurin the Shaper holding Shadowbane
Keen of mind and hand, Thurin is also incredibly strong, and is the God of Forge and Craft. The only True God who never married, Thurin descended into the deeps at the beginning of the World and crafted his children, the Dwarves, in his image. Many of the World's greatest relics and magic treasures were wrought by the Shaper in the early Ages of the World, and it is said that most of his greatest works have yet to be discovered. Thurin forged Shadowbane, the Sword of Destiny, though the effort cost him his left hand. In the Ages since Thurin has undertaken many long, mysterious journeys, searching for the ultimate secrets of Destiny and Fate. The Shaper also served as a mentor to the Dwarves and a stalwart defender of the All-Father, and is universally praised as the most loyal of the All-Father's three companions. The God is always depicted bearing a hammer, and many images also show Thurin's legendary silver hand, forged by his children to replace the hand he lost. The Shaper's whereabouts since the Turning remain unknown, though some whisper that the Father of Dwarves is working in secret to repair the Orb of Aerynth.

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