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A statue of the All-Father
Husband to Braialla and Master of the Three Companions, the Men of Ardan named Him Pandarrion, while the Elves call Him Palandramil, the Wanderer, or Brallankoth, the Tyrant. Not all of Aerynth's children venerate the All-Father, but few can deny His influence on the World. This mighty God created Aerynth, it is said, and awakened Braialla, the green Mother, who brought the newborn World into bloom. He sired the Elves, and later fashioned both the Giants and Humanity. The All-Father's deeds have driven all of Aerynth's history, for good or ill. Both the Temple of the Cleansing Flame and the Holy Church praise the All-Father above all other Gods, and the All-Father is almost universally revered among the Sons of Men, the Dwarves, and the Centaurs. Praised as a Creator, a Wanderer, and an omnipotent Warrior, the All-Father is known both for his jovial manner and awesome temper. Some have called the All-Father the most Human of all the Gods, for across the Ages He has known success and failure, triumph and tragedy, but His commitment to His vision and His children has never wavered. The All-Father's voice fell silent at the turning, and many believe He died as Aerynth shattered. Others believe that the Lord of the Gods has embarked on another epic quest beyond the Void, and that He shall return to destroy the wicked and heal the hurts of the World, as he has done twice before.

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