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The new paragons are 21 individuals who represent the best qualities of a Prestige Class. They are mentors for members of their class orders and serve as examples of what players can aspire to.


In SY 112, warrior hero, thief hero, priest hero, and wizard hero were summoned to the ancient city of Dalgoth under mysterious circumstances, and found their invitation to be without a host. Bitter political rivals found some common annoyance in their predicament in the local tavern. Eventually, they discussed the Age of Strife. In the wee hours of the morning, they decided that the only way the world would be able to crawl out of the horrors of the dark age would be to band together.

To help them do so, they founded the New Paragons: A tradition started by the Centaurs of old to revere the best among them - now reborn in the Age of Strife to revere the best of the people of Aerynth. Originally, the order favored only those with the purest of intentions, but whispers carried to all corners of the shards. In time, even vile Necromancers and Doomsayers began to revere their own Paragons.

The New Paragons

  • Assassin Paragon: Tarrant the Pale
  • Barbarian Paragon: Kodor
  • Bard Paragon:
  • Channeler Paragon:
  • Confessor Paragon:
  • Crusader Paragon:
  • Doomsayer Paragon: Vollana the Tainted
  • Druid Paragon:
  • Fury Paragon:
  • Huntress Paragon:
  • Necromancer Paragon:
  • Nightstalker Paragon:
  • Prelate Paragon:
  • Priest Paragon: Voldrok Doomsay
  • Ranger Paragon:
  • Scout Paragon:
  • Sentinel Paragon:
  • Templar Paragon: Aelfric the Vigilant
  • Thief Paragon:
  • Warlock Paragon:
  • Warrior Paragon:
  • Wizard Paragon:

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