The Archons

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According to the Book of Staves, the Archons are "mighty beings" born of the All-Father's thought and will that were created to help shape the chaos surrounding Aerynth into a lawful order.

Dangiriel - The Archon of War and the general of Heaven.
Hedrusiel - The Archon of strength, who shut the Gates of Chaos at the end of the War of the Scourge, even though all the Demons of Hell pushed back against him.
Loromir - The Archon of Peace who was slain by Sillestor, the Last ElfKing of the first Dynasty of the Deathless Empire.
Nandramiel - The Archon of Judgment, also known, as the Herald of Pandarrion.
Teluranel - The Archon of Grace who assisted Caeric Blackhammer during his quest for Shadowbane and transformed him into the first Paladin.
Uvoriel - The Archon of Fire. Revealed his gospel to Malorn, who formed the Church of the Cleansing Flame
Volmiriel - Was once the Archon of Valor but several Chaos Lords killed him during the War of the Scourge.


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