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Ours is a World of Talent and of Art. Mastery of one's self comes not only through occupation, but through persistent study and exploration of the arcane. Through all the ravages of Time, the chaos of war and the frailty of the mind.. secrets live on. Knowledge alone survives. These are the stories of Kingdoms long forgotten. These are the voices of scholars and ghosts.

Our history defines us, binds us, tells us who we are and who we should strive to be. Thus are we reborn each time our lore changes hands; the lore which a father passes to his eldest child, which apprentices steal from master's study, which are whispered by firelight among criminals and slaves.

Hidden lore and secrets arcane, this is our Legacy which I offer unto you.

- Chronicle of Strife

The following subclasses are well-known throughout the Realm:


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