The Five Great Ages

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Three times Shadowbane's light has shone in our World, in three different Ages. Three Wars have turned their course when Shadowbane was drawn in them. In all that time, three great Sons of Men have borne the blade in battle, as have two Elves, and one God. You may think that you know of Shadowbane, but no doubt you only know the ending of the story. Yes, Shadowbane slew the High King at Kierhaven, and dealt the stroke that brought the Turning. But how came Cambruin to bear the mighty blade? Why was it forged, and why did it turn so cruelly on the hand of him who wielded it? To know all these answers you must hear the Legend of Shadowbane, a tale as long and grim as Time itself. Listen to this chronicle of glory and despair, and you shall hear within it all the tragedy of our sundered World told plain.

- The Legend of Shadowbane
  • Age of Kings, The tale of Caeric Blackhammer, Cambruin the High King, and the Turning
  • Age of Days, The tale of Beregund Bladeseeker and the War of the Scourge
  • Age of Twilight, The tale of Thurin the Shaper, the Dragon, and the Treason of the Elves
  • Age of Strife, The rumors and portents of Shadowbane's fate and the World's ultimate destiny

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