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The Throne of Oblivion Maintenance Patch (patch 4.6) was added to Shadowbane on January 11th, 2005.

General Changes
  • Removed the "Successfully Repledged" message popup and placed the message in guild info channel
  • Changed the Guild Roster to sort alphabetically by first name
  • Changed the "You Must Promote" message to only show once; all subsequent update messages will be displayed in the Combat Info channel
  • The loot window will now auto close when emptied; if there was no loot it will not auto close
  • Door Locked/Door Unlocked notifications are now displayed as fade in and out messages instead of being pop up Windows
  • Fixed a lock up associated with changing characters
  • Updated the Name Filter
World Changes
  • Updated Entropy's Window of Opportunity to 0600 GMT through 1400 GMT
City & Siege
  • All newly placed Racial Vendors will now have appropriate names
Realm & Rulership
  • Updated the Hermit's Text; they no longer tell players they need to activate a boon after getting the blessings
Discipline Changes
  • Discipline Fortitudes now reduce damage to 50% of the cap regardless of the Power Rank
  • Reduced the range of Crimson Feast
  • Significantly reduced the range of Balefume
  • Point the Way In now lasts for 60 seconds

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