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Every resource mine is invulnurable for much of the day. There is, however, a brief span when they may be claimed by any Prospector who awakens the mine. Look to your map -- it will show you which mines are vulnurable, who has claimed them, and also gives the time their their window of opportunity shall open.

- Seneschal
Players rally to defend a mine on Maelstrom
Mines or resource mines are world structures that can be claimed for player cities by one if its Prospectors. A city that has claimed a mine will receive a steady flow of resources used for crafting endgame armor, weapons, and jewelry, or to simply add gold to the coffers.

Claiming a Mine

Once a mine becomes vulnurable, any who would claim it must first destroy the Tower that guards the mine. The mine may have guards to help defend it. Once the defenses are broken, a Prospector must brace himself in a prospecting stance, then claim it. This process takes time, during which the Prospector must be well defended!

- Seneschal


  1. Destroy the Guard Tower: Choose a mine to attack. Wait for this mine's window of opportunity (WoO). Once the mine is vulnerable, attack it with a trained Battle Magus, siege weaponry, or a combination of these. The tower's HP must be brought to zero so you may claim it.
  2. Claim the Mine: You or someone from your guild with the Prospector discipline applied must first cast Prospecting Stance. After this has been cast, select the old mine tower's rubble, and then cast Claim Mine. These spells take 15 and 20 second to cast and will fail if the caster takes damage while doing so. Moreover, while in prospecting stance, the character may not fly, be invisible, or be invulnerable and their defense is greatly reduced. Prospectors are granted these powers with one train, but they may be trained further to reduce cast time.
  3. Defend the Mine: Players must defend the claimed mine remains from being claimed by another prospector, the mine will only go to the last guild to claim. When the WoO is over, the mine's Guard Tower will respawn with full HP and begin to provide the claimer's guild's warehouse with a selected resource. Mine windows can last thirty minutes or one hour (set randomly).
  4. Manage the Mine: Once a mine has been taken, you will want to visit your warehouse and access the Manage Mines menu. From here, you may choose what resource your mine produces.

You will have the mine for at least one day. Your mine will have its own window of opportunity the following day, and others will have a chance to attack it. Your nation channel will tell you if your mine is being attacked.

Harvesters and Guards

Players may see references to mine harvesters or mine guards, but these have since been removed.


  • The further your Mine is from your City, the less it produces meaning try to claim Mines near your city for the most benefit.
  • Your Nation, not Guild, can hold no more Resource Mines than one (1) times the rank of the Nation Tree; i.e., the most a Nation can hold is eight (8) mines if they have a Rank eight (8) Tree of Life.
  • When someone is attacking a Resource Tower that is held by another guild, they will receive a message that the Mine is being attacked.
  • The Window of Opportunity can not be set and is randomized each day.
  • The Warehouse will automatically pay the Maintenance Fees and Wages of all Fortress Assets (Barracks, Walls, Towers, etc) and Structures under a Runemaster's Protection. This makes the Warehouse useful even for cities that do not control any mines.
  • The Warehouse will not pay the Maintenance Fees for Shrines.

The Warehouse

This warehouse is the key through which this City may tap into the mineral wealth of Aerynth, using it to prosper. I can help manage this city, maintaining it in this uncertain age.

- Seneschal

In order to receive resources from mines, the capturing city must have a warehouse.

The Seneschal

To check on how much gold (or the other resources once implemented), go to the Warehouse and visit the Seneschal there. Clicking on him will show you the current holdings. If you wish to deposit some gold, you just have to select how much you have in your inventory (through the Seneschal's Window) and hit Deposit. Everyone is free to deposit resources into a Warehouse.

You'll note that there is a Withdraw button. Not just anyone can Withdraw. Currently you must be the Guild Leader or Inner Council to do so. Also, there is a minimum balance that must be maintained meaning that if the Warehouse has not met that balance, nothing can be withdrawn. For instance, the minimum balance is currently set to five (5) million gold. If there is less than that in the Warehouse, nothing can be withdrawn. If there is six (6) million in there, only one (1) million of it can be withdrawn.

Mine Locations


Macrozone Mine Type Location
Aedroch Highlands Lumber 76368 x 55909
Aeran Belendor Magic 83930 x 64917
Aerath Hellendroth Magic 85604 x 59036
Ashfell Plain Ore 83987 x 68626
Aurrochs Skrae Lumber 57730 x 69721
Bone Marches Gold 107836 x 47023
Braedoch Highlands Lumber 47687 x 47465
Derros Plains Gold 76181 x 50643
Doomhorn Skrae Lumber 44940 x 80742
Ecklund Wilds Ore 48741 x 80362
Fellgrim Forest Lumber 64473 x 52251
Greensward Pyre Ore 40609 x 57751
Grimscairne Lumber 42723 x 46490
Hethland Holm Ore 47072 x 68444
Holloch Forest Gold 60561 x 46368
Hregend Wildlands Ore 62296 x 71139
Jotensgaard Ore 52115 x 67047
Kharsoom Ore 28464 x 35719
Kralgaar Holm Ore 41170 x 77670
Leth'khalivar Desert Lumber 27602 x 40803
Pandemonium Magic 102714 x 29075
Phaedra's Prize Ore 56839 x 44827
Plain of Ashes Ore 104268 x 52743
Ragnir Holm Ore 54495 x 80222
Sevaath Mere Lumber 66786 x 35546
Southern Battleground Lumber 101866 x 24663
Tainted Swamp Gold 77439 x 43793
The Black Bog Ore 61160 x 35809
The Blood Sands Gold 15029 x 36520
The Doomplain Gold 38996 x 53846
Thollok Marsh Gold 56704 x 35484
Vale of Nar Addad Magic 18936 x 33078
Valkos Wilds Magic 42903 x 41453
Western Battleground Magic 106782 x 29018
Ymur's Crown Gold 42652 x 85005

Mine Products

Each mine can produce specific resources as chosen by the claimant's guild leadership.

Gold Mine


50000 Gold
100 Stone
20 Truesteel
20 Iron
10 Adamant

Expansion Resources

3 Obsidian

Lumber Camp


50000 Gold
100 Lumber
30 Oak
30 Bronzewood
10 Mandrake

Expansion Resources

3 Wormwood

Magic Mine


50000 Gold
30 Orichalk
20 Azoth
10 Antimony
10 Quicksilver
10 Sulfur

Expansion Resources

3 Bloodstone

Ore Mine


50000 Gold
30 Coal
20 Agate
20 Diamond
10 Onyx

Expansion Resources

3 Galvor


Mithril Mithril can only be found on mobs. Is purpose in unique in that it is only ever used as a reagent to item speed crafting tasks.