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Winter is Coming title card
The Winter is Coming patch (patch 1.0), was released to live servers on January 14th, 2004.

At long last, the ways have opened to Vorringia, the ancient homelands of the Northmen. The frozen northlands have re-joined the Age of Strife, filled with new wonders and perils. Hordes of savage Northmen have spread across all fragments, building new cities and strongholds.

The Beast Lords stir in the frozen wastes, and the dreaded Skinchangers, the werebeasts, flock to answer their call. Heroes and foes with names out of legend have emerged from the frozen north.

Valkyrs, the shieldmaidens of Lashava walk the fragments again, as do the fearsome Blood Horns of the Minotuars, the dreaded Berserks of the Northmen, and the mysterious Giant-daughters. Winter is coming, and its icy touch shall change the Age of Strife forever.

General Changes
  • New Icons will be added to the World Map to help individuals find hunting and adventuring zones. When clicked upon, these icons will provide the name of the area and the approximate hunting level for adventuring there.
  • If a player dies while in the Safeholds or on Newbie Isle, they will no longer leave a corpse and will respawn with all the items still in their inventory and the equipment will not take damage.
  • The memory management in the weather particle code has been rewritten and should fix numerous random crashes and slowdowns on the PC and the Mac.
  • Players who were over Level 59 prior to the launch of Rise of Chaos will have their Attribute Points awarded to them for the missing levels.
  • A Confirmation Dialog has been added to Group Teleport (note the caster will not receive the confirmation window).
  • First person view will now be available and additional Camera control will be available next week.
  • Mobiles will no longer cast "Disease" at higher than a Rank 40 Power and can now be dispelled.
  • Mastery weapon powers are now only usable with weapons of their specific type.
  • Player characters and hirelings now play a greater variety of sound effects.
  • Two-handed weapons will allow their users to parry more often.
  • Cult of the Scourge has been updated with female Ranks.
  • A World Map button has been added to the Local Map.
  • Freehold sages can now repair khan'xhirs.
  • Fixed various server locks and crashes.
  • Screenshots default to jpeg format.
World Changes
  • The Vorringia map consists of two new adventure zones, five new Hamlets, three new Safeholds, and over a dozen new mobile types.
  • The World of Entropy which uses the Vorringia map has been added.
  • The World of Damnation, the European Server, will open later this week.
  • The Guards in Virankhaar will no longer kill the nearby Discipline dropper (Dalgoth only).
  • The mainland Runegates on the Aerynth mapset now follow the paradigm seen on Dalgoth and Vorringia, where one specific Runegate is tied to one element.
  • Building upgrade times have been greatly decreased on Cataclysm.
  • Hireling upgrade times have been greatly decreased on Cataclysm.
  • Experience gain on Cataclysm has been increased.
  • Gold drops on Cataclysm has been increased.
  • Item drops on Cataclysm has been increased.
City & Siege
  • Refined the Guard Behavior and Kill On Sight (KOS) lists. The KOS List can be reversed, so that players put 'Friended' guilds on the list, not enemies. Any Guilds or individuals not on the list will be considered Kill On Sight. Guards have been increased in strength and abilities.
  • The various Faction Shields (Chaos, Death, Dragon, Dragonscale, Dwarven, Elven, Holy Church, Morloch, Templar) have been added to the various Racial Shieldsmiths.
  • Fixed exploit allowing an avatar to join a guild with a closed Tree of Life without being invited.
  • Created an Irekei Builder, all Irekei building deeds have been removed from Human Builders.
  • Player Cities can now use Northmen Architecture with the use of an Invorri Builder.
  • Trees of Life must be Rank 5 or higher before being able to become an "Open City".
  • Increased the number of protection slots that a city gets from their Runemaster.
  • Bundled Scrolls of Identify and Tomes of Identify should be available on sages.
  • Guards will teleport back to their city if they wander too far off.
Racial Changes
  • The Experience Curve for "Restricted Races" has been removed.
  • Centaur armor can no longer be created with the magical property "of the Windlords".
  • Female Half-Giants have been added to Character Creation.
  • A white Minotaur skin option has been added to character creation.
  • Minotaurs can no longer wear Infernal Cloth Boots.
  • Nephilim can no longer use the Animator, Enchanter, Runecaster, and Undead Hunter disciplines (existing Nephilim with those Disciplines, however, will be able to keep them).
  • The Nephilim power Mundane Eidolon has a longer duration.
  • Nephilim have been granted a power, called Aspect Revalation, that dispels their human transformation.
Class Changes
  • Curse of the Flayed Lord, the Doomsayer Single Target Stamina Transfer power, has been updated with a cost of 21 Mana.
  • The Storm Spear, a Fury-only spear has been added.
  • Braialla's Blade, a Ranger-Only One-Handed Sword has been added.
  • Grant dagger powers at 20
  • Grant throwing powers at 25
  • Grant defensive stance at 40
  • Pathfinding is now castable while moving
  • Rapid Shot is mastered at a 40% haste
  • Scouts can no longer use the Master of Daggers rune (it was redundant).
  • Divine Word, a Sentinel Power, has been updated to state that it affects all in range, including the caster.
  • Templars can no longer use the Master of Polearms rune (it was redundant).
  • Templars, Crusaders, and Sentinels have been granted the Challenge power.
Discipline Changes
  • Re-added the Berserker discipline.
  • Added the new Discipline of Blood Horn.
  • The Huntsman discipline now includes a power, called Skin the Beast, that will dispel Were-form transformations. This Huntsman power is now the only power which dispels wereforms.
  • The Traveller discipline now grants the Spirit Gate power.
  • Added the new Discipline of Valkyr.
  • Updated the Werebear with new Skills and Powers.
  • Wereforms no longer dispel on the use of 'skills', such as weapon powers and stances, but they do on the use of spells.
  • Updated the Wererat with new Skills and Powers.
  • Wereforms no longer dispel on the use of 'skills', such as weapon powers and stances, but they do on the use of spells.
  • Updated the Werewolf with new Skills and Powers.
  • Wereforms no longer dispel on the use of 'skills', such as weapon powers and stances, but they do on the use of spells.

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