Patch 1.5 (2004)

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Patch 1.5, the Winter is Coming maintenance patch, was added to live server on February 17th, 2004.

General Changes
  • Various Line of Sight issues have been resolved to include Bows and Crossbows trying to hit flying characters
  • Some Irekei Mobiles have had their blessing of invulnerability removed by The Terror of Terrors.
  • Players with unmigrated characters should now see all available worlds for their new characters.
  • The "hair bleed" from changing from First Person to Third Person mode has been fixed
  • The Safemode Bug where you would seem to stay invisible has been fixed.
  • The Group Member Window has had various sync issues has been fixed*
  • Various equipment sets have had gloves added to them.
  • Weapon Powers will dispel if you unequip your weapon.
  • The exploit using "queued attacks" has been removed.
  • Numerous "Error=2" issues have been rectified.
  • Faction Stewards now carry Personal Guards*
  • The "Wand of Calling" now displays prerequisites.
  • Various client sync issues have been resolved.
  • Various client crashes have been fixed.
  • Dispel element powers now dispel resistance debuffs of that type.
  • Added in a client crash reporting mechanism for every time a client crashes.
  • Katars and Tiger Claws now use Dagger Mastery as their Focus.
  • Overtrained Powers will now revert to their proper cap
  • Physical damage absorber powers now absorb more damage.
  • Nephilim hireling contracts now exist in the world.
World Changes
  • Additional Runegates have been added to the Dalgoth mapset. There will now be 10, not counting Maelstrom. They will serve as two "chains" of five, one in the east and one in the west. Using an element gate power on a gate of that element (fire on the Fire runegate, for instance) will take you to that gate in the opposite chain.
  • Tyrranth Minor on the Aerynth mapset has been redesigned and pared down. Three outskirts, lots of grobolds, bandits, and Skrell. No newbie runegates anymore. The map is much tighter and harder to get lost on than before.
  • The "Forbidden" Isle on the Aerynth mapset is now visible and it has a Runegate called the Forbidden Gate. The gate links to all the mainland gates, and all the mainland gates link to it.
  • The Orc Swamp macrozone has finally been added to the Aerynth map.
  • Draug-Torvald will be doing a world tour.
City & Siege
  • You can no longer place a Bane Circle on a City Grid
  • The Merchant can now be slotted in housing as a personal vendor who sells (but does not create) items
  • The Safehold Medium Armorer, Axesmith, and Bowyer now contain all items for their level
  • Feudal Walls have had many Line of Sight issues resolved
  • Optimized combat messages sent from the Server to Client
  • You can no longer Bane your own city
Racial Changes
  • Aracoix have been granted more Stamina.
  • Shades are now immune to "Blind"
Class Changes
  • All pets get a significant ATR increase
  • All pets get a slight movement speed increase
  • "Hold the Line" has been removed from all fighters, and warriors have been given a replacement power called "Hold Fast" that will root the caster and give them numerous magical Resistances for the duration. This spell will dispel if you attack someone or cast a power.
  • The "Black Binding" and "Crimson Binding" powers now have an Attack Rating
  • Huntresses get an improved pet summon power which requires 40 trains in the original pet.
  • "Strength of the Stag's" stamina recovery has been reduced
  • "Call of the Wild" gets a new 10%-45% ATR buff component
  • "Beast Lords' Boon" gets an improved 10%-30% dodge buff component.
  • Thieves have been granted a parry buff called "Wall of Steel".
  • The Steal Power formula for Thieves has been revamped.
  • Backstab will now ignore Passive Defense
  • Wizards' "Incantation of Augmentation" gets a HP buff component.
  • Wizards get an improved pet summon power which requires 40 trains in the original pet.
  • Wizard pets get a significant innate damage increase
Discipline Changes
  • All non-attribute Wereform effects will not stack with other effects of the same type. The attribute effects will stack with most effects of the same type, with the exception of the following hybrid powers: Amazon's Endurance, Grace of the Panther, Phaedra's Fury, Strength of the Huntress, Grace of the Stag, Strength of the Bear, Mind and Body One, Free Thought, and Litany of Hedrusiel.
  • Wereforms can now use the "Challenge" power without losing their transformation.
  • Chants are now broken when wereform transform powers are cast.
  • The Berserker power "Strength of the Stag" now has the correct power icon.
  • The Power "Blood Horns" will now dispel after a successful hit.
  • The Blood Prophet power "River of Life" is now a short-duration heal over time.
  • A Shade-Only Discipline which requires the Mage Base Class named "Shroudborne" has been introduced. This has many ties to certain events run near Halloween last year. Imagine them as Shade Blood Prophets, with some nasty cold-based powers that really augment Assassins.
  • Valkyr Powers now use Stamina instead of Mana.
  • The Were-bear Power "G'harron's Roar" now works correctly.
  • The Wyrmslayer Power "Hunt Wyrm" is now granted at Power Level 40.
Additional Fixes
  • Fixed issues with the /stuck command sending people to a watery grave
  • Flight buttons for Taking Off and Landing will be available on the Interface
  • Issues with accessing Rise of Chaos content have been fixed
  • Issues with Line of Sight inside or next to structures has been improved but still a few outstanding issues with it
  • Guard Dogs have had the Claws of Death removed from them and will attack with normal speed
  • The thief formula has been readjusted as follows:
  • There is now no penalty for stealing from those lower level than you
  • Thieves with a low score in peek and steal will now have an improved actual chance to peek and steal
  • Peek's chance of success when maxed out has been increased
  • A non-frame optimized client that will help us gather more specific debug data and will allow us to count, categorize and track errors. You may notice a slight decrease in frame rate.
  • A server optimization issue has been fixed
  • A vendor lag issue has been identified and decreased

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