Aeldreth Havens

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Map of Aeldreth Havens

Be at peace, traveler, for you have come to Aeldreth. After the kingdom of Vanderlund fell victim to its dark doom, the Druids of this land emerged from hiding to tend to the stricken people. We forged a sanctuary here for all amidst the growing shadows. In honor of Braialla, our community was made in complete harmony with the natural world. Aeldreth is still a young city, but we stand defiant against the harsh Children of the North and the terrors of this dark Age.

- Elaine, Runemaster of Aeldreth

Aeldreth Havens is a safe hold NPC city unique to the Vorringia mapset (does not appear on Vorringia (modified) or Loreplay version of Vorringia). The city is themed after the goddess Braialla.


Aeldreth Havens is centrally located in the mainland, in very close proximity to a runegate. For this reason it is by far the most populated game-created city. It is a favorite for new characters for quick access to Fellgrim Forest to the north-west, and Derros Plains to the north-east.

Class Trainer Availability

Aeldreth Havens is home to one of almost every class trainer. The only one not located in the city proper is the Necromancer trainer, who is located just through the runegate north of the city.

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