Braialla the Green Mother

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Oldest of the True Goddesses, Braialla is the mother of all that lives and grows upon the face of Aerynth. Trees and plants are her favorite creations, and nearly all folk revere the Green Mother as the mistress of bounty and fertility. Mother of the Elves, Braialla has always has little to do with the affairs of the Children of the World, renouncing their strife in favor of the purity of nature's tapestry. Braialla married the All-Father at the beginning of the World, though the Green Mother has seen little of her husband in the Ages since. Revered by the Druids, Braialla has always worked to heal the corruptions and disruptions brought about by war and civilization. The Green Mother nearly perished in the Turning, and the Druids say that they can still hear her screams of pain. There is, it is said, a sundered aspect of Braialla on every fragment of Aerynth, and these broken pieces will be paralyzed and powerless until the World is healed.


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