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A Call to Arms (patch 5.0) was added to Shadowbane on April 19th, 2005.

More than two full moons have passed since the advent of Oblivion, when all Aerynth felt the wrath of Ithriana the Lich-Queen. These have been weeks of wonder and horror, but new rumors now whisper of… hope? Though the War of Crowns still rages, fought by the would-be emperors of Aerynth, there are new signs that the peoples of Aerynth stand firm against the undead tide. The Conclave of Magi have never relented in their study of recently-unearthed Ardani texts, and have at last revived the ancient science of Alchemy! The mysterious Refiners of the Order of Transcendence have gained new powers, and new notoriety: instead of merely altering their clients' memories and knowledge, they now reshape the very bodies and minds of any who will pay their price, offering a chance to correct a life lived in error. Finally, the new Lords of Aerynth have issued a Call to Arms; Recruiters now shine like beacons in the shadow, calling any who lack a home to join their master's cause. Will these new inventions save the war-worn peoples of Aerynth, or destroy them? Not even the sages know...

- A Call to Arms Promotional Narrative
General Changes
  • Implemented Looking for Group and Looking for Guild flags. These are accessible in the Group and Guild Menus or by typing /lfg (Looking for Group) and /lfgu (Looking for Guild)
  • Added the new Hotbar that can be toggled on and off under the Windows menu
  • The current and maximum weight of a player's bank will now be displayed
  • Damage Absorbers and Fortitude Powers no longer stack
  • All item icons are the same size
  • Added weight to all items
  • Updated the Group Menu (not Window) to allow the changing of Group Leaders even if the Group Window is not open
  • Fixed an synch issue with players who die while flying
  • Changed the Staff Power 'Spoke and the Wheel' to a bludgeon expose
  • Added an Oblivion Guild Charter
  • Made various improvements to how the server handles memory
  • Made various improvements on the client's memory management
  • Fixed a server crash
  • Added Two Year Anniversary Gifts... but you can't see them yet!
  • Implemented limitations on how much gold can be placed on a character or structure. Any amounts over these limits will be removed. Note that the Test Server limits will be double that listed below.
    • Player Inventory: 10,000,000
    • Player Bank: 25,000,000
    • Player Structure: 15,000,000
    • Warehouse: 100,000,000
  • Implemented a limit of 200 items a Hireling can carry in their Inventory; all inventories are grandfathered in so if a Hireling has more than 200 items they will not disappear but new items cannot be placed on a Hireling until they go below 200 items
World Changes
  • Vilmarion the (Elven) Builder has been increased to Rank 7
  • Reduced the respawn timer on Discipline droppers to 3 hours
City & Siege
  • Changing Guild Leadership will no longer adversely effect Mine Ownership
  • Nation and guild Crests will now dynamically update to those around when a guild changes status such as swearing to another guild or planting a Tree of Life
  • The Refiner can now untrain Stat Points
  • The Tears of Seadron have been upgraded to remove Stat Runes
  • Pet buffs will no longer work on Siege Engines
  • Players can no longer log off and then back in a Bulwark
  • You can no longer abandon Buildings of War
  • Siege Tents can no longer be placed inside the city limits by an attacking Nation
Realm & Rulership
  • Fixed an issue where Game Master and NPC Trees of Life were being counted towards the Territorial Limit
  • Added the new Alchemy System
  • Potions are now random drops on monster kills
  • Potions can be crafted Alchemist Hireling which can be placed in a Magic Shop
  • Creating uniquely named items will now only cost 10x gold, not 10x gold and 10x resources
  • Redesigned the Hireling Inventory Management Window to include a new "Junk All" button
  • Mithril will now drop on random mobs on Maelstrom and Oblivion
  • Rovayle and Psion Cloth Armor Boots can now be created with the Windlord magical effect
  • Added a Confirmation for when a player attempts to cancel an item being crafted by an Hireling to inform them that they will lose any resources spent
  • Added a pair of pants to the Huntress armor set
Class Changes
  • Barbarian Storm Lords can now use the Fury's Lightning Spear
  • Confessors now receive the Sword Skill at promotion
  • Confessor health and mana transfers are now more efficient
  • Confessor recast timers for health drains have been reduced
  • Reduced the recast time for the Confessor's 'Blood of the Righteous'
  • Crusaders can now wear the All-Father Acolyte Hood, All-Father High Priest Hood, and All-Father Initiate Hood
  • The Offensive and Precise Stance for Crusaders has been adjusted
  • Doomsayer Skills Debuffs now effects Bloodcraft, Exorcism, and Necromancy

The Fury spell 'Draw Nature's Fury' has been moved from the Sorcery to Stormcalling focus line

  • Furies are now granted natural flight
  • The offensive stance of the Fury has been increased while the precise stance has been decreased
  • Fixed the duration on the Nightstalker's "Nerve Strike" power
  • The Nightstalker's drain immunity now blocks drains powers
  • Nightstalkers now have access to the Blademaster Discipline
  • Ranger's Bite of the Pack will no longer overwrite other damage buffs of the same rank
  • Rangers now get Herblore automatically mastered at Level 36
  • Increased the Rangers Axe and Staff Powers
  • Removed the Ranger's Serpent's Bite and Grace of the Stag
  • Added an Attack Speed buff to the Ranger's Lion's Bite and renamed it Braialla's Zeal
  • Added a Dexterity Buff to the Ranger's Strength of the Bear, made it stackable, and changed the name to Braialla's Power
  • Added a Strength, Constitution, and Dexterity Buff to the Ranger's Wolfskin power as well as a health and stamina heal
  • Warriors now get the Staff Skill at Level 10 and Staff Mastery at Level 15
Discipline Changes
  • Reduced the casting time on the Battle Magus's 'Skirmish Counterspell' power
  • The Belgosch's power 'Crimson Feast' is now mage only
  • Giant Killers now have a new power that boosts their Strength and decreases their Attack Speed so they will attack more rapidly.
  • Removed the Giant Requirement from the Giant Killer's Snare power
  • Added a Dispel Constitution Buff to the Giant Killer's Great Axe Weapon Powers; this will only dispel a buff with equal or less trains in it than the Weapon Power and only effects Single Target and Group Buffs (i.e., not personal buffs).
  • The Sapper Power 'Balefume' will now effect everyone, including the caster
  • The Strigoi power 'A Taste for Dead Flesh ' has been updated to reflect it is for use on a player's grave
  • The Strigoi Power 'Feral Fury' has been changed to selfcast only
  • The Traveler Power 'Recall to Runegate' will no longer send players to Maelstrom or Oblivion
  • Wyrmslayers have been granted a new weapon power that snares the target and placed a damage over time effect on them
  • Added an Attack Speed Buff power to Wyrmslayers
  • Created a Wyrmslayer-only spear

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