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I see that you have not come to pray. Very well. I can keep your belongings safe in my vault, and give you vouchers that will let you collect them again in distant cities.

- Banker

The bank (or banker) is an NPC that offers secure item storage.


Items in your bank are arranged in categories of gold, resources, contracts/deeds, and armor/weaponry. Inside these categories, the items are arranged in reverse-alphabetical order. A bank may hold a capacity of 650 units. A player may not have the bank or vault window opened while trading with another character, and initiating a trade while a player has a bank open will result in an error message.


Bankers can only be found in churches, cathedrals or other religious buildings in player-created cities, but are most often seen very near the bind point of game-cities. For example, the Aeldereth banker stands next to the Tree of Life.

Usage Fee

In player-created cities, the owner of a banker may charge a fee for the usage of the bank. This is an effective way of having members of a guild help with the upkeep of their city without giving them special access to a building. The fee is charged directly to the gold stored in your bank.

Vault Keeper

Tired of giving your valuables over to corrupt Bankers? My vault's safe as any Church, but the service here's even better: I'll release your goods to all your kin, letting you share your wealth among all your characters! What do you say?

- Vault Keeper

A Vault Keeper is a type of banker found only in Sea Dog's Rest that is accessible by every character in one account. While normal banks only allow a character to deposit or withdraw items from their own respective bank, a vault does not hold this restriction. There is only one Vault Keeper, and she is always located in Sea Dog's Rest. A vault may hold a capacity of 650 units.