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The July 2005 Content Patch (patch 6.0) was added to Shadowbane on July 11th, 2005.

General Changes
  • Run is now the default movement speed
  • The death shroud effect has been reduced to three minutes
  • Decreased the cost to repair items
  • Fixed a client crash
  • A system message will now appear when a Trade is canceled or unsuccessful
  • Fixed an issue where players may log out under a gate but log back in on top of it
World Changes
  • Added a new "Hotzone" feature where an adventuring zone would be randomly chosen and creatures in this zones would yield increased experience gains as well as additional random item drops. A message will appear when the zone becomes 'hot' and the adventuring zone icon on the World Map will change to indicate it's status
  • Added the Kur'adlar Irekei Guards to the Mourning server in the Irekei Desert
  • The Alchemists in the Hamlets of Galmord and Fort Baelin will no longer be bullying the Runemasters by standing on top of them
  • Ildara, the Master Sanctifier in King's Cross no longer plays hide and seek after the server restarts
  • The Hamlets of Erkeng Hold on Wrath and Kestamir on Redemption have hired an Alchemist
City & Siege
  • All servers now use the same structure build times that are being used on the Test Server
  • Added announcements for when the attackers win a siege
  • A City's pop-up window on the World Map will now include what territory they belong to
  • Destroyed Trees of Life will no longer show up on the World Map
  • Changed the icon for the resource Wormwood
Realm and Rulership
  • When a Resource Mine's Window of Opportunity closes, all effects on the Resource Tower will be removed
  • Fixed an issue with crafting an item using the Formula tab when canceling an item that was being given a unique name
  • Fixed an issue with flawed items returning more gold when being smelted or the production cancelled
  • A Warlock-Only Staff is now available on Rank 7 Sages with the exception of Nephilim Sages
  • Reduced the price of the Alchemist's contract
Class Changes
Discipline Changes

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