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Map of Starkholm

Look upon Starkholm, center of Uthgaard, and be welcome! Three hundred summers ago, the hero Stark Skullbreaker and his kin raised this mighty city, which endured even the Turning. Now we face new perils as fell things stir to the northeast. Seek ye arms here near the Tree, or cross the river to find training in the hold. When you are ready, go into the hills and mountains to the northeast, where the Dark Folk wait to feel the vengeance of the Northman! May Torvald look upon your deeds!

- Corrin, Runemaster of Starkholm

Starkholm is a starting area safe hold unique to Vorringia.


Starkholm is centrally located on the continent of Uthgaard. It is the only place on the island to find all class trainers. It is a favorite for new characters for quick access to Huldrings Vald to the northeast.

Starkholm is surrounded by six hamlets:

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