Saedron the Fate Weaver

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Wisest of the Three Goddesses, Kenaryn found Saedron in a great palace on the Silver Moon, asleep and imprisoned in a pillar of Ice. The Hunter freed Saedron, and the two married. Saedron is the mother of the Centaurs, but has always favored the Elves more than her own children. Named in some legends as the Source of all Magic, Saedron first taught Sorcery and Wizardry to the Elves, and is still revered by Wizards and seekers of Arcane Lore. Saedron is also said to have an uncanny knowledge of the future, and some claim that she has woven the fate of every living being into a great tapestry that fills her remote palace. While Saedron the Fate Weaver is wise and beautiful, the Goddess has a second, malevolent aspect. When the Dragon destroyed the Golden Moon and killed Volliandra, Saedron felt her twin sister's pain and was driven mad. Grallokur the Terror was born of her agony, and the mind of Saedron has been unbalanced ever since. When fell moods take her, Saedron the Fate Weaver transforms into Saedron the Hag, Mother of Night, the Goddess of error and nightmares. Many terrible creatures have arisen from the hag's will, and she has always worked as a force of strife and chaos, even as Saedron's other aspect vies for control. Few now worship the troubled Goddess in these times, and seekers of Arcane Lore are warned to take the utmost care when dealing with her, for one can never be sure which of Saedron's faces will smile upon her worshipers.

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