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The January 2006 Content Patch (patch 11) was added to Shadowbane on February 7th, 2006

General Changes
  • Items can no longer be removed or altered once placed in the trade window; to remove items you must cancel the trade.
  • Replaced the tombstone that players leave upon death with a different version.
  • Added a short timer to moving in and out of Combat/Peace toggle.
  • You can now global send a friend invitation to players using the Friend command; example: /friend Lietgardis
  • When someone on your friends list comes online, you will be notified in the System Channel.
  • Implemented a new Passive Messaging System that will pop up an icon that a player can double-click for information. This will be used instead of popping up information boxes and be triggered by a variety of events.
  • The Tutorial System has been revamped to use this system.
City & Siege
  • Errant Guilds can now set their Guild Message of the Day.
  • Added a notification message when a Guild Member logs on.
  • Centaur, Dwarven, and Human weapon vendors can now add the Holy Proc Effects to weapons.
  • Elven, Nephilim, and Shade weapon vendors can now add the Unholy Proc Effects to weapons.
  • Implemented Siege Effects that buff the attacking and defending Nations during the War Phase of a siege with increased attack ratings, power and melee damage, and hit points.
    • Siege Effects have extended to the allies of both the attacking and enemy Nations.
Class Changes
Discipline Changes
  • Added a one second recycle timer to the Commander Power Forced March.
  • The Saboteur Power "Foul the Works" will now shut down a siege engine and not draw aggro from it.

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